December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Gazebo at our home park. 
Merry Christmas to all my wonderful encouraging blogging buddies.

December 22, 2010

Myra painted me.

I wonder if Myra knew I was dreaming of walking on the beach?  She's very perceptive.  I did get my feet wet today but it was in the slushy snow, not the warm Caribbean water that filled my thoughts and Myra's most excellent painting.

The shopping is done, the gifts are wrapped and it's time for hot chocolate and catching up with my blogging buddies.  

Hugs from me.

December 21, 2010

Fat over Lean

Fat over Lean;  a habit I have to get used to. I may have painted my purple daisy wrong.

The principle of painting 'fat over lean' in oil painting is a rule one should follow to reduce the risk of an oil painting cracking. 'Fat over lean' has to do with the varying drying times of oil pigments (which can vary from a couple of days to a month) and ensuring that upper layers of paint don't dry faster than lower ones.

I did my usual.  When I had the basic painting finished, I decided to glaze the background to help bring the pansy forward.  I did this by thinning some pale green mix with some walnut oil.  Now is this mixture fat or lean? I think it depends on whether walnut oil is fat enough.  I'd appreciate any advise.

"White Face Pansy"

Oil,  6" x 6" on high quality deep canvas panel.

December 18, 2010

Only seven days left.

Yikes!  So many things I want to accomplish in the next seven days.  I've made my list and it's not really so bad.  The problem is that I don't feel like doing them.  The electric fireplace and the Christmas tree look so nice and my recliner is so comfortable... I'm so blessed.  

Okay, okay...  I'll get moving.  I'd love to start another painting but I'll resist; it's more important to dust in preparation for my expected guests.  I have to leave in an hour to retrieve my paintings from Little Straw Vineyard before they close for the season.  I appreciate the wonderful venue they provided for my art and look forward to having my paintings there another year. 

I realize that the painting I've included isn't much to look at, at this stage, but I need to let it dry a bit before proceeding.  So far I'm really enjoying my water soluble oils.  I can see that in the new year when I post to my blog I may have to have two pictures per blog... one I've just started and another that is just finished.  Hmmm.... sounds like a resolution.... that means I'll do it for at least a week ;) .

6"x6" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

December 16, 2010

A new way of painting.

The painting area was all set up with my new water soluble paints and I had a couple of little canvases base-coated and dry.... but I didn't really know where to go from there.  I've been using Genesis oils for a few years but I knew I was using them more like an acrylic than an oil.  Since my wonderful husband gave me three months of Artist Network TV for an early Christmas gift, I eagerly watched some videos on painting with oils.  Boy, did I learn a lot.  

#1... hold the brush like a sword.   Whoa.  Was that ever going to be hard to get used to.  I love bold loose brush strokes in a painting like JanettMarie achieves, but could never quite manage to do it.  This worked!!! Here is my first attempt.

#2... the paint takes d-a-y-s to dry.  Thus this pansy still needs its yellow center and my signature.

6"x6" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

December 9, 2010

A value scale.

My last blog showed my studio all set up with new paints and a clean pallet.  Oh, how I itched to start a painting but I resisted and started working on my Mastering Color course that I bought online.  Today I just painted a nine value scale so I'd have one that went with my new paints, and the practice doesn't hurt either.  When it's dry I'll put it under the glass on my pallet. 

I'm a fan of online training (downloaded stuff).  I get to work at my pace which is s-l-o-w, and it fits my introverted personality as well.  Oh, I'd love to be a recluse but alas it's not to be.

My nine value scale

December 2, 2010

All set up and ready to start.

I mentioned in my last blog that I was switching from Genesis to water soluble oils.  I'm also moving back to the diningroom to paint, now that our condo isn't listed anymore.  Having all my stuff right out in the middle of everything isn't very pretty but it's brighter and right under my nose so I'm more inclined to get to it.  Fortunately I have a very patient husband who encourages all my inclinations. 

A few years ago Hugh built me this hide-away drawer that pulls out from under the counter that divides the kitchen from the diningroom. The first drawer pulls out 32", then the drawer under that pulls out another 22" and then another drawer pulls out the front giving me another 16" to store things. When needed the whole thing can be pushed in and hidden away under the cupboard.  

This post is dedicated to my friend, Myra who is always asking to see my studio.  

December 1, 2010

I'm so excited...not!

I'm so excited....someone wants to buy all my art...NOT!  I received another email scam. I don't know about you but I get annoyed when I get those phishing type emails that are too good to be true.  I'm not worried about getting taken advantage of because I'm very cautious and aware but I do get angry when I see them because I know there a many people out there that do fall for these scams. These trusting but vulnerable folks don't deserve to be taken advantage of. Grrrr... 

Well, that's my rant for this week over with.

Now on to better things.  My pallet is empty and my Genesis paints are put away for the winter.  The fumes from drying the paint has affected my lungs and I can no longer handle it, especially with the windows all closed for the winter. I did love painting with them but drying them was a pain, literally.  I've decided to try water soluble oils. I'm quite excited to try them out.  If you use them at all please let me know what you think. How do I keep the smells to a minimum?

November 27, 2010

Snow and hot chocolate

I love to look at fresh snow.  It makes everything look so new and clean.  I would be quite content to stock my cupboards and stay inside all winter and look out at it.  I dislike icy roads and I'm not a fan of being cold.  I tried skating again last year and found out the ice is a lot harder now that I'm older.  I quickly gave away my skates and slowly recuperated from meeting the ice, chest first, very suddenly.  This winter my plan is to work seldom, paint often, and every late afternoon to curl my feet up on the couch and sip hot chocolate while I enjoy the sun setting on the pretty white stuff on the other side of my window.

I might be finished my celebrity painting.  (but not likely)

12" x 16"oil on stretched canvas

November 23, 2010

I love it when art sells.

The Under 100 show at our local gallery is a stunning success.  It is our first Christmas show and I think we were a little insecure on how it would go.  It was a pleasant surprise when we (the participating artists) received an email requesting more paintings because the walls were almost bare.  I love it when our art sells. I always feel so honoured that someone would pay to put my art in their home. I've been working on the celebrity portrait for the last few days but I think I'll leave it and paint a couple more small ones.  Sorry, I have no paintings of my own to show you today but I've included one from the blog of an exceptional artist friend, Myra.

November 16, 2010


"Dirt" is the name of the movie The Fresh Outlook Foundation is playing at their Building Sustainable Communities conference.  I've heard it's on Netflix.  I delivered my painting for their silent auction.  I hope it makes them some money.  It's especially nice that they offer the artist 80% of the sale price. I like the fact that my work will be displayed at the Delta Grand.  If you're in the area drop by and see it.  It ends on Thursday.
18"w x 24"h
Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

I don't often do mixed media but this was fun.  I added some word thoughts to it for drama.

November 10, 2010

My art is spicy.

Here's the press release for the upcoming show:

And here's a picture of the paintings I'm putting into the show.  Seven pieces under 100 inches and under $100.00 dollars.  All the commissions go to help our new local art gallery in Lake Country:

I've heard that variety is the spice of life, so my life must be very spicy.

November 9, 2010

Another little painting.

This week I've been getting ready for the Under 100 show.  All pictures have to be under 100 square inches and under $100 dollars.  The display will be up for about 6 weeks at the Art Gallery in Lake Country.  I'll post the flyer soon but I thought I'd show you the latest painting I just completed for the show.

Winter's Rest
5"x7" oil on stretched canvas

The photo didn't turn out too great on this one.

November 6, 2010

For Myra

This post is dedicated to one of my favourite bloggers, Myra.  She really is a bit of a pest. Just because she has this wonderful ability to to draw ballerinas she thinks the rest of us should also have the same talent.  She challenged me to draw something, anything.... even a line.  Give me a paint brush and I can probably accomplish it but with a pencil...NOT.  Well maybe a little :) 

Anyway this is for you Myra:

Enjoy your coffee.

November 5, 2010

No painting to show you. :(

I wish I was like many of my blogging buddies who paint every day.  I love the idea, but then a day like today comes along and I realize it's been five days since I painted.  Where did the time go? Another thing that didn't happen was a blog post.  I've  read posts by others and commented on a few but alas I procrastinate...  

Well enough of that!  Today I will paint so that I have something worthwhile to  blog.  I know I have lots of loyal followers out there and I apologize for being slack.  So one more coffee while I read what Myra, Sherry, Carol, AMO, Ralph and.... have been up to... :]  and THEN to the easel.

Happy painting.

October 31, 2010

Just an update.

I'm heading back to work today but I wanted to show you that I did accomplish something while I had those glorious days off.  The first one is the celebrity portrait I'm slowly working on.

This second one is a redone little one that really improved.
I took out the initials and put in my usual long form "Bonnie Heather" even though it seems so big in this little 5"x7".

October 29, 2010

Before and After painting


In my last post I mentioned my tendency to add paint to pictures on my wall. Well the Christmas show at our local Art Gallery is less than a couple weeks away. It's an under 100 show. Under a hundred dollars and under a hundred square inches. I'm excited that my work got juried in but I'm not getting as many paintings ready for it as I planned. My solution is to rework some paintings on my wall that just weren't up to snuff.

Above is a hummingbird painting I did as a challenge for James Parker's blog back in the spring. Below it is the new and improved version. It may not look better because of the photo but I think it is. The plain blue background of the first one gave it a paint by number look.



October 28, 2010

Little Straw Winery show starts Saturday!

I've had quite a bit of time off lately and I must say it's been enjoyable.  Of course the closer it gets to Christmas the more I'll have to help out at the gallery so I'm determined to get my fun painting time in now while I can.

This is the first of the three shows.
If you can make it to the reception, that would be awesome!

I've been accepted at three great seasonal shows and I'm really excited to have my work out in the community instead of all over my home.  I do enjoy having my paintings around the condo but it does make me want to take them down and add a little more paint.  Just a little touch up... you know what I mean.

Until next time,
God Bless.

October 26, 2010

Blogging the small ones.

Today Robert Genn's newsletter gave a couple reasons it might be detrimental to our art careers to sell small inexpensive paintings on our blog.  Hmmmm I can see a problem may arise with gallery owners who want to keep your price point high but the issue of having enough passion, I have doubts about.  I have passion when it comes to my small paintings.  I love the feeling of accomplishment and the fact that my art is priced so that almost anyone can own a piece if they want to. Maybe my opinion has more to do with the fact that my art isn't to the quality where it brings in the BIG dollars yet. This blog gives me so much pleasure and being able to post paintings more often because some of them are small is reason enough for me to continue. I really hope my fellow bloggers who paint small fire sale paintings continue to post them to their blog so we can continue to appreciate your passion for painting.

A little progress on my Celebrity Portrait.

October 23, 2010

I volunteered at the "Art Gallery" today in Lake Country.  Being there for five hours gave me a great opportunity to view the art on display.  The theme was "Harvest".  I especially liked the fact that I knew over half of the artists who had their art displayed.  One artist, Mary Bull is in her nineties and her work is renowned in our area .  I hope I can paint when/IF I reach that age.
Mary Bull
Red chair and Fruit

A friend, Marlene G. McPherson had her art on display.  I love her acrylic done with pallet knife.  Marlene is known throughout our area as the artist to go to for painting lessons.

Marlene G. McPherson
Camp Road

I recommend if you have the time that you visit your local art gallery soon and better yet volunteer a couple hours. The blessings are multiple.

October 21, 2010

A portrait of a local celebrity.

It's great to be painting again.

I'm working on a portrait that will be given at a public event after Christmas.  By putting this statement out on the world wide web I'm committing myself to the project.  It's scary considering the short period of time I've been doing portraits.  My insecurities are running amuck.  What if it doesn't turn out...  What if she doesn't like my interpretation... What if I wreck it...   Ok Bonnie Heather...take a deep breath.  It's only a painting... and it's only October.  There is lots of time to start over and no one will care if I never do it.  This WILL be fun.

Whew!  That was close... almost had a panic attack :].  I think I needed that.  I was getting a little too proud of myself with cheques coming in from purchased paintings and requests to show my art.  I'm a long way from quitting my day job and I have a whole lot to learn when it comes to painting with oils.  

Here's what I've accomplished so far.  I don't have to worry about anyone recognizing who it is yet but someday soon.  I have confidence it will happen.  

October 20, 2010

I'm home but not quite back.

Hi everyone.  I had a wonderful trip.  I visited my son in Toronto and had a great week hugging my grandson, Gabriel, in Mexico City.  My terrific daughter-in-law and her family took me all over to show me their city.  

Now I'm home and almost over the cold I caught and gave to everyone on my flight back.  I haven't picked up my paintbrush yet and this blog is seriously lacking anything of interest but I have managed to unpack, pick up some art from recent shows and enter the next Wet Canvas contest.

It's great to be home and now I think I'll go read some more blogs.  I'll add some new paint to this site soon.

October 7, 2010

I'll miss you

Tonight is the Reception for the Visions Show at the Rotary Center for the Arts.  I'm so excited I've barely slept.

More exciting is the fact that I'm flying out on a trip the next morning.  First I'll be visiting my eldest son, Nathan, in Toronto.  I haven't seen him in almost three years.  I can't wait to give him a hug.

After that I'm flying on to Mexico City to visit my Grandson and Daughter-in-law.  I haven't met my Grandson, Gabriel, yet and he will be 22 months old.
                     Gabriel                                      Karina
I guess you can understand why I can't sleep.

I likely won't be blogging until I get home.  I'll catch up on everyone when I return.  In the mean time be well.  (Hope you enjoy my portraits of my family)

October 1, 2010

Art Visions 2010 Reception is Thursday Evening

The Reception is so close.  I'm really excited to be part of this amazing event.  My painting will be on display in the Hambleton Gallery from the 7th until the 16th of October but the big reception is on the 7th from 7-9pm. I'd love to see you there.

September 28, 2010

I can't sleep...

It's after midnight.  It's rare to find me up this time of night.  I've been putting up with a case of vertigo for a month now and finally decided to follow the directions to cure it which include staying upright for one to three nights after doing the ear turning procedure.  Since I'm not one to fall asleep in a recliner this is going to prove difficult I think.  

I've had the time to visit some blogs and I varnished a large picture that I recently got back from a private show.  I played some computer games and read some lesson notes.....  I'm beginning to think maybe I should stay up later every night.  Unfortunately I'm usually too bushed to do anything worthwhile.  Not that reading (my usual evening pastime) isn't worthwhile, it just doesn't shorten my to do list which always seems to be too long.

I decided to include a picture of my booth a the Art Walk show I was in recently.  Myra had asked me to take some pictures of the event but most of them didn't turn out.  Take note of the awesome high director style chair my sweet husband bought me for the show.  With it I could sit and visit with folks without looking up and then having a wave of vertigo send me for a loop.  It's a great chair.

The first painting I sold is the one I hid down beside my chair because I didn't really like it.  Go figure?!
We were allowed ten paintings in the show.

September 27, 2010

It's after midnight.  It's rare to find me up this time of night.  I've been putting up with a case of vertigo for a month now and finally decided to follow the directions to cure it which include staying upright for one to three nights after doing the ear turning procedure.  Since I'm not one to fall to sleep in a recliner this is going to prove difficult I think.  

I've had the time to visit some blogs and I varnished a large picture that I recently got back from a private show.  I played some computer games and read some lesson notes.....  I'm beginning to think maybe I should stay up later every night.  Unfortunately I'm usually too bushed to do anything worthwhile.  Not that reading (my usual evening pastime) isn't worthwhile, it just doesn't shorten my to do list which always seems to be too long.

I decided to include a picture of my booth a the Art Walk show I was in recently.  Myra had asked me to take some pictures of the event but most of them didn't turn out.  Take note of the awesome high director style chair my sweet husband bought me for the show.  With it I could sit and visit with folks without looking up and then having a wave of vertigo send me for a loop.  It's a great chair.
The first painting I sold is the one I hid down beside my chair because I didn't really like it.  Go figure?!
We were allowed ten paintings in the show.

September 24, 2010

Can't wait to shop!

I can't wait to go shopping.  My list is long.  I want a couple odd shaped canvases, some mediums to go with my new water soluble set of paints and of course...some new brushes.  I'm not sure, but I think I may like shopping for art supplies as much as I like painting.

Unfortunately, shopping will have to wait a few days but that's okay because I still have a small pile of 5"x7" boards to paint on and of course there are always a few disasters that I can paint over if I get stuck.

Today I'm playing with a little one.  After working on big paintings, it's always fun to see the fast progress with a small one. 
Not finished yet.

Hope you're having a great day,
Bonnie Heather

September 22, 2010

Originals are back in style.

I manage a store that sells prints of fine art and digital giclee's. They both sell well and the business supports the owner and the staff.  I've noticed a change lately though.  More people are looking for originals, especially oil paintings.  I do my best to promote the reproductions in the store but I'm pleased to hear that originals are back in style.

My art career is experiencing the same change.  Suddenly I'm receiving more invitations to exhibit my work in prestigious venues and my art is starting to sell regularly instead of the couple spurts a year like in the recent past.  

My reasoning for this might be off the wall, but I think it's because of the massive amount of reproductions on the market.  Suddenly, having an original is special again and something that gives one pride of ownership.  What ever the reason is, I'm glad. 

The painting that I never quite finished for Art Walk, is on my wall.  I won't say it's done because I know myself well enough to admit I'll probably tweak it until it moves to a new home.   Hmmm I already see I need to darken a shadow... 

September 19, 2010

It's that time again.

The ends of the tree branches are turning yellow and there are one or two transplanted maples in our park that have turned deep red.  It's that time again; the time to take off the sandals and put on some socks. 

I used to hate to see the end of summer but realized my attitude was ruining a good thing. Now I see the coloured leaves and ripe apples still on the branches, and see the beauty of this wonderful season we call autumn.  The cool air makes a walk in the woods a pleasure.  No bugs, no heat (which is a good thing, I remind myself), just quiet reflection. I say quiet because the tourists are gone and our walking trails are now  only occupied by the occasional local accompanied by their choice of companion - a best friend, either canine or human.  

I think about the people who have no home to live in and what it must be like to look ahead to the approaching cold weather.  Sigh....   I guess I'll have to work on my attitude some more.  I still prefer summer. :)

September 16, 2010

Take a moment to breathe...

I'm just sitting.  It's been a while.  I'm not complaining, just relishing the moment.  Life has been hectic and I keep thinking it will slow down sometime soon.  I look hopefully at my calendar and realize that soon isn't in the next week or two.  So.... I'll sit here for a few moments and talk with my faithful encouragers, my blogging buddies.

I do try to paint for fifteen minutes each morning before leaving for work and sometimes I get some done in the evening... but not often.  Night time and I don't get along.  My body complains and generally refuses to do anything more strenuous than sit on the couch.  I never did like to argue so I sit...

Wishing you a wonderful evening,
Bonnie Heather

September 13, 2010

"Art Walk", what an awesome event!

It's over for 2010 but the encouragement from it will keep me going for another year.  Thousands of people stopped and looked at MY art - hard to imagine. I have to head out to work but I'm posting my paintings that SOLD!!!.

September 9, 2010

No painting today BUT...

Hi friends, as the title says, there was no time to paint today.  I did get set up for Art Walk though.  I was especially pleased to get assigned a wall area so I could plug in some lights to shine on my work.  If you're in the middle of one of the gyms, like I was last year, you have no power and have to use battery powered lights or go without. 

You might have noticed the word BUT in my title?  The But is very exciting news.  My painting: Peaceful Place, sold at the Little Straw Winery.  YES!!!

Art Walk set up day.

I'm heading into work but wanted to post my progress from yesterday.  After work, is my scheduled time to set up for the show but I'll still have a few hours on Friday to paint before the show starts at 9am on Saturday.  I wish all my artist friends could attend Art Walk here.  It's two days where seven to eight thousand art lovers walk past your art.

September 8, 2010

Still painting...

Hi folks.  Another really busy day so I'll just post my progress.  I can't see a lot of difference but it's all in the little details.  Hope you have an awesome day.

September 7, 2010

Time is running out...

I had a great time at our pot luck, block party last night. The food was wonderful and the music and singing were a lot of fun. This annual fall get together is always a little sad because we all know that within a month or two, half the group will make the annual trek to the south; some to Mexico, most to Arizona and California.  While they're away the street gets soooo quiet.  The only snow birds left around are the stellar jays.

I am painting....some.  I've attached a picture of my progress and after I get back from my appointments today I'll try to add some more paint.  I go through this every year before Art Walk.  This mad rush to finish one more painting for the show.  Okay, I'll admit it.  I like the excitement.  Can I create something new and fresh for the show? The crowds are so thick during the show there are many times when there is no place for the artist to stand. It's the place were I get those coveted red dots that signify the paintings are sold.  Will I get one this year?  Oh, I do hope so.  Does it really :)

September 6, 2010

I can do it.... I can do it...

I mentioned in my last post that I doubted I'd I finish my boy and pigeon painting by the weekend and my great blogging friends rallied and sent me lots of encouraging comments.  What an inspiration this blog has become for me. I recommend blogging as the single best way to help any artist to stay motivated.

 I'm still doubtful I can complete the painting, but I'll give it a shot.  With that in mind, I'll keep this post short and go paint.

Here's my painting so far:

September 5, 2010

Little Straw reception was great.

The artist reception at the Little Straw Winery was wonderful.  The place was packed.  There was live music and non-stop food.  I have been part of small receptions in the past but this was the best.  I felt honoured to be included in the company of Ken Cochrane and Linda Lovisa.  They are such fine artists.

I had an interesting visit with the owner of the winery as he told me how he came to the area many years ago and struggled to purchase the wonderful piece of land that looks over Lake Okanagan.  We bought a bottle of the most amazing white wine to bring home and celebrate.

Next on the agenda is Art Walk, next weekend.  It lasts for two days and usually has 7 to 8 thousand people go through.  My painting of the little boy feeding the pigeons was to be in it BUT I don't think it's going to make it.  Not much time left.... we'll see.  Maybe I'll post my progress each day and that will force me to keep at it. :)

'Til tomorrow....

September 2, 2010

Please come to the reception.

If you live anywhere nearby, please come out to the reception on Saturday between 3:30 and 5:30. There'll be tapas and wine tasting and lots of interesting art to look at.  Hope to see you there.

August 29, 2010

Art Visions 2010

I just received the acceptance email from my first juried National Competition.  I was one of 65 chosen out of 225 for "Art Visions 2010".  It's put on by the Central Okanagan Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists that I belong to. It's juried by top artists from other chapters.

I never expected I'd be accepted but thought I should start entering these bigger competitions with the hope that someday I might get lucky.  This just goes to show all my insecure artist friends, miracles do happen. 
"The Greenway"

August 26, 2010

Ten art points.

I read a really neat post today by Crystal Cook.  She listed ten things she's learned about art since high school.  Here's her list but please go check out her great blog.

1. There is no ONE way to make art. If someone tells you there is, they are wrong. It's that simple.

2. If you want to paint horses and puppies, then paint them. Don't paint something just because you think other people will like it. Paint whatyou like, and it will appeal to others as well. Images that come from the deepest desires of your heart will always touch other people too.

3. Not everyone is going to like what you paint. That's okay. Who cares? You like it, that's what matters.

4. You can teach yourself how to paint and draw the way you want to. It's a learnable skill. Practice, practice, practice. Study, learn, repeat.

5. Believe in yourself. If you don't, no one else will either.

6. The smell of instant coffee still reminds you of Mr. Crowther (your art teacher). And he was right about doing all those contour line drawings. Suck it up, do them, and be thankful.

7. Your first realistic portrait? 'Tis not beautiful. That's okay, try, try again. Learn from it what you can, don't get discouraged, and try again.

8. Don't give up. Not even when you think you suck. Because you don't.

9.  Prayer helps. A lot.

10. Your favorite watercolor brush is still a size 6. And also a ten. :)

"Me" time.

Awww... the joy of painting.  Since I work a regular job, I feel like I'm really blessed when I have moments to paint.  It's my vacation time.  Pure self indulgence.  

Blogging is much the same.  "Me" time.  Time when the work is over (or waiting "patiently" to be done).  I sit in my recliner with my laptop and check-in with friends.  I don't always make comments but I see what they're working on, what's happening in their lives and sometimes I write something here so they know what I'm up to as well.

Today's picture shows the tiny bit of progress I've made on my latest painting.  Life is good.

August 25, 2010


Painting is in my future. I can see the opportunity just around the bend.  I look longingly in that direction.  Just a couple more days....unless...  No.  I will make the time.  I will forgo all the other activities that are pulling on my sleeve and I will return to my easel.  Awww, what a wondrous thought.  


August 23, 2010

Lunch by the River

I hope you're having as wonderful a summer as I am.  Family visiting, weddings, camping... food and more food.  The weather has been awesome and my balcony garden is overflowing with flowers.  Oh, how I love summer.

September is getting closer.  I have sixteen paintings up at one place and need another half dozen for another show.  I have five...  Hmmm...  I guess I'll have to go to the River Front Pub in a neighbouring town and retrieve one that's been there for several months.  I don't like leaving a piece in one place too long but it is nice to have my pieces displayed for the whole summer tourist season.  Besides it will be a nice road trip to go to Grindrod and have lunch on the patio beside the river. The picture below is the painting of the River beside the Pub.  Oh ya, it's my header.

Tranquil Waters
8"x 24" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Bonnie Heather Artist

August 12, 2010

Goin' camping!

Hi folks.  This is just a note to let you know I'll be away for five days camping.  I wish I could take my painting along but alas, I won't have any electricity to dry the paint....the one disadvantage to Genesis oils.  I will take my sketching journal but it will be a time of swimming, canoeing and lots of reading.  I might do a little writing but no promises. 

September is always my time to start fresh with new goals, new projects and new schedules.  I will spend part of my holiday deciding how I will do all that.  I know I will be working through Richard Robinson's course on Mastering Colour this fall.  I'll also start working on my first portrait commission (scary). 

Probably the hardest thing (as usual) will be to get fit and lose weight.  I do plan on making that easier by canoeing and eating lots in the next week.  I think that should work because canoeing will really build the muscles and if I gain lots of weight before September then I have lots of fresh weight to lose when I start my new routine.  We all know it's easier to take off new weight than the old stuff that's glue on.

Anyway dear friends I will miss you.
Bonnie Heather

August 11, 2010

New Painting

Wow, it's so nice to come home and be welcomed by so many awesome blogger friends from all over the world.  You guys truly made my day.... thanks!

Here's my latest project.  It's very similar to "I think I can...  I think I can..." but I hope to paint it a little looser.  This little boy is feeding the pigeons in a downtown park.  He's the grandson of a good friend.  Once again I saw the picture on facebook and asked if I could paint him.

I'm rushing to go to work right now but will check in with each of you as soon as I get home.  Have a great day.

Bonnie Heather

August 10, 2010

I'm back.

I'm baaaaack!  Okay, I know it was only a week, but I did cram a lot into it.  We travelled to Northern BC in a small car that was packed to the ceiling with camping gear for my husband, myself and my lovable brother, Art, who has Cerebral Palsy.

We visited with my oldest brother and his new family and attended a wedding where nobody had ever met us before.  We didn't crash it - honest... even though it did sorta feel that way.  We're the aunt and uncle of the bride.  We'd just never met.  I also got to visit with my youngest brother and his wife in Prince George on our way home.  Altogether we set up the two tents five times in the seven days but unfortunately only swam in a lake once.  A near perfect holiday.

Now I'm home and four pounds heavier, ...sigh.  My next painting is on the easel and camping laundry is in the washer.  Life is good.

Bonnie Heather

July 31, 2010

Time to enter the physical world.

This past year was my year to experiment and have fun. I consider Art Shows a lot of fun but I'm talking about my painting. I'd been painting landscapes for a couple years but this past year I tried portraits, abstracts and figurative. I also worked at creating a better web presence.  What a rewarding year it has been.  

The year is almost over and it's time to start displaying my art again.  My experiments mostly turned out and I'm ready to put some of them out in the physical world.  I've developed lots more confidence due to the wonderful comments made on my blog since January.  Thanks everyone.

I have three shows confirmed and two pending.  All but one is/was juried.  I'd love to enter more juried competitions but they are hard on the budget especially if shipping is involved.  So for now I'm excited about the ones I have been accepted in.

Tomorrow will bring some refusals and more opportunities I'm sure, but for today I will happily prepare the thirteen paintings that go on display in City Hall on Tuesday.  I leave on my trip right afterwards.

July 30, 2010

I love summer.

Oh, how I enjoy summer.  I love wearing summer clothes and the smell of barbecue.  Listening to the birds through my open windows is such a treat and trying to avoid the stones when I go for a dip in the lake are some of my favourite things.

Painting outside is soooo nice.  I'm not a plein air artist but I do enjoy taking my paints out on the deck to work on my present project.  Warm breezes, birds singing and the knowledge that I'm truly blessed.  It can't get much better.

All that said, you might be wondering where the picture of my next painting is.  I don't have one.  I know what I'll be painting next.  It's a sweet picture of a little boy feeding the pigeons.  I've been preparing my board and figuring out how I'll position the elements but I haven't started the painting.  Trouble is our holidays are fast approaching and we have a trip planned and I won't be able to paint while on the road.  It should be a great trip to attend the wedding of a niece I haven't met... but I'll miss my paints.

Life is good.

July 22, 2010

Wouldn't it be great?!

Wouldn't it be great to visit our blogging buddies? We could travel all over the world, share a coffee while looking at their wonderful art or just listen to their stories. It was Myra's idea but JanettMarie and I liked it.

I could stay in Myra's shed and look at the stars, wander down to the local pub with Ralph, listen to Sherry play her bowed psaltery and have a nice glass of ice water with JanettMarie while looking at her martini's. I could probably go to church with Carol, and have chai with Padmaja. The list of wonderful places and experiences go on and on.  Little did I know that when I started this blogging adventure a few months ago that I would end up with so many friends in so many places.  I am soooo blessed!

July 16, 2010

Thoughts for today.

Oh, I do love warm weather.  The decision is always to get out and enjoy it or to stay in and accomplish the many things that need to be done indoors.  Right now the indoor chores are winning but I do take wonderful coffee breaks out on my deck about every two hours.  Such a delightful luxury on my days off from work.

I tweaked my little boy painting but instead of posting it again, I just replaced the one two postings back.  If you're interested, scroll down to July 6th.  I'm thinking of calling it:  "I think I can...  I think I can..." .  I'd love to hear your ideas and or opinion.    Today's job is to refinish a frame for it.  I have this big antique frame that's solid oak.  It will be a challenge to refinish it without ruining the raised design on the wood but well worth it if I succeed.  I'll keep you posted on how it turns out.

Until next time, have a great day.

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July 13, 2010

I have a burnt nose.

It's been a week since the last post!  Wow, does time ever slip away on me.  Looking back and trying to analyze where it went, I realize there was a lot accomplished.

I went canoeing twice and even have a burnt nose as a souvenir.  We visited with friends and had others over to visit.  There was an apartment building fire in Kelowna and we had the opportunity to help those evacuated.  There was another fire a couple days later that challenged our firefighters but we didn't get called out for this one. For those who don't know, I'm not a fire fighter, but volunteer for our Emergency Service group. We help those evacuated, with the forms needed to get the three days of lodging and food offered by the Provincial Government if they are forced out of their homes.  It's very rewarding.

I know, I said I was finished my painting a week ago...but... well you know how it is.  It's still on my easel. I had it critiqued by David M, whose painting and digital art I greatly admire and I took a day to listen to the videos on mastering color by Richard Robinson.  After that I knew I needed to do some more work.  I'll post it one more time when I get finished again.

Hoping you have a great week,
Bonnie Heather

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