February 1, 2013

February is a good month.

Hello everyone.  I'm looking forward to the month of February more than usual this year.  It's the month I like the least.  The weather is unpredictable with snow storms, ice storms and lots of gloom. This year my attitude has changed.  This year, February is going to be a month when I paint a warm picture of a street in Tuscany, I enter several art competitions and best of all; I travel to Mexico to hug my now four year old grandson. I am so excited it's February.

On a previous post I asked for some suggestions for a name for my last painting.  I decided to go with Trudy's suggestion and call it "Winter's Whisper".  I changed it slightly and I really appreciate all the great  ideas I was given.

Now that I'm working on only bigger works, its hard to find pictures of finished paintings to post.  Today, I'll post the painting I'm almost finished:  It's a cool blue/green picture of Lake Okanagan, taken from the popular Knox Mountain lookout.  It still needs a few days work.

18"x48"on gallery wrapped canvas

Here is the start of the Tuscany street scene:  I prefer painting in warm colours.  

36"x 24"on plywood boxed panel

Here again is "Winter's Whisper" with it's new name.

30"x 24" on boxed plywood panel

I hope you have a great week.