September 30, 2011

Back to routine, and it feels good...

Hello everyone,
I'm diligently working at my pansy collection, hoping to be ready for the Christmas shows.  Here's the one I'm working on.  These are those cute little ones that come back to us every spring.

It's amazing how a change in background colour can make a difference. Take a peek at my last blog post to see the difference in the one below.  I think I'll buy some of these for my garden next year... so unique.

My VIP mention today is another blogger who doesn't post often but when he does, it's really interesting.  Go see Larry Kassell's art blog.

September 26, 2011

A painting in process and one that sold...

Hi everyone.  It's so nice to be back to a routine.  My next pansy is well under way.  My art class has gessoed three canvas's:  one smooth, one textured and one sculpted and I'm making progress on the painting of some black-eyed Susans (I'll post a picture after I make some more progress).

This orange pansy is a unique colour but it doesn't have the happy face the others do. It's much brighter in the painting.  Still a bit to do.

Another painting that sold at Art Walk.

My VIP mention for this week is by Leo the Toucan... yep, you read right.  He writes a great blog about Martine Alison's art.  The original is in french and the translation isn't perfect but I'm sure you will still enjoy.

September 19, 2011

My latest pansy.

September has always been the month when I get back on track.  The lazy days of summer are over and it's time to get reorganized.  This year I thought I might have to wait until October.  It's the 19th and I'm just getting back on a schedule today.

Did it ever feel good to get in a morning of painting and drawing practice.  I finally finished a pansy I started a couple months back (except for my signature) and reviewed my drawing lessons to remember what it was I had learned in the spring.  This afternoon I'll prepare for the painting lesson I'll teach on
Wednesday morning and review what's needed to enter the "Under 100" show that's coming up at our local gallery.

6"x6" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

I want to mention a special guest who stopped by my booth during Art Walk.  Dennis Weber is an amazing artist but I think his real passion is playing the flute.  When he stopped by my spot during the show, I noticed he had his flutes with him. I was so pleased when he offered to sit a play a while.

September 12, 2011

Lessons anyone?

I decided to go for it.  It's been three years since I taught adults painting, but I've been convinced to do it again.  It's always nerve racking for me but I believe we should give back to our community and since painting is what I do...  deep breath... I can do this.  There will be a get together at my home on Wednesday morning at 9:30 to get organized and find out what everyone wants to learn.  Classes will start the week after.  I've decided to supply all the materials for the first four lessons to give students the chance to learn about water soluble oils before they go out and spend money on paints, etc..

Art Walk is over for another year and, like always, I'm pumped for the coming year.  I'll post pictures over the next few days of paintings that sold.   Hope you're having a great Sept..

"Winter's Rest"

My VIP mention for today is an artist friend of mine who calls her blog, Amo Vitam.  It's a fantastic blog that I love to read,  She's thinking of quitting her blog, which would be a shame, so go take a look at some of her past blogs.  Maybe she'll reconsider.

September 9, 2011

Tomorrow is Art Walk.

I think I gear my painting for Art Walk for the whole year.  Will it suit the show?  Will anyone like it?  It's almost a relief to know it's finally here and I'm ready. Hope I can sleep tonight.

My four foot by six foot painting is finally finished and ready to ship to the new owner. I know you have seen it many times over the last few months but I can't help but show you the finished piece.

My VIP mention for today is Jackie.  She is an old friend from Ontario who is an awesome artist and a great encourager.

September 6, 2011

Fundraiser for Carol Marine

I just read this terrible news and thought I'd send along this notice.  Carol's blog has been an inspiration to many of us.  I hope you can help in this time of crisis.

Art Walk

Hi everyone.  Sorry I haven't posted lately.  It's been hectic around here with lots of out-of-town family coming to visit.  What a treat it has been.

 I did take quick minutes here and there to read some of your blogs.  Some of you are so productive but I was glad to see many like myself who took time out to enjoy the warm weather.  My prayers go out to all you bloggers in Texas.  Stay safe and may you have rain really soon.  

Art Walk is this weekend!  I'm so excited!  I love this event.  300 artists and over 7000 visitors.  

My Vip mention this week is Nancy Goldman.  I especially like her oils.  Go look.