March 28, 2013

Spring, a time to start new...

The sun and warm weather are like a tonic.  I love watching my seedlings grow and I even enjoy the spring cleaning projects that seem to bring the sunshine into the condo.  It's also time to get reinvigorated about painting. (reinvigorated ... is that a real word?) 

This is the year I decided I would focus on larger paintings.  Although I really enjoy seeing the finished paintings on display, I find I'm not painting as often.  I wouldn't call it boredom but I do have the need for variety. Reverting to smaller paintings was not an option I would allow

The solution for my desire for change and growth came via Informed Collectors artist choice for today:  Mara Schasteen.  While browsing her web page I came across her colour charts.  Hmmmm...  I started making charts a couple years ago but I never got past mixing individual colours with white.  These simple charts have been an amazing help to me over the years and I have taught all my students to make them.  Mara has taken the next step and made charts that mix all her primary colours with each other.  That's what I need. So today I sorted out the colours I would use and gessoed some plastic canvas sheets. Mara's charts are neat and tidy.  I'm more of a slap bang type person so mine aren't.  Hopefully in a few days I can show you some of my completed charts... this is a big project that will probably take me most of the spring.  I'll find something else to do for the summer I'm sure. 

Still a lot more to paint...

March 6, 2013

I'm back home...

Our trip to Mexico City was wonderful.  I had lots of quality time to spend with my beautiful four year old grandson, Gabriel.  

The weather there was wonderful but I'm not impressed with the wet snow that is falling outside my condo here in Kelowna.  At least my primroses are staying perky... they seem to like the cold weather. I'd rather be a snowbird.

My March painting, of a street in Tuscany, was calling to me as soon as I returned and I'm anxious to get back to it but first I want to spend some time visiting my neighbours and fellow is good to be home.