August 29, 2010

Art Visions 2010

I just received the acceptance email from my first juried National Competition.  I was one of 65 chosen out of 225 for "Art Visions 2010".  It's put on by the Central Okanagan Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists that I belong to. It's juried by top artists from other chapters.

I never expected I'd be accepted but thought I should start entering these bigger competitions with the hope that someday I might get lucky.  This just goes to show all my insecure artist friends, miracles do happen. 
"The Greenway"

August 26, 2010

Ten art points.

I read a really neat post today by Crystal Cook.  She listed ten things she's learned about art since high school.  Here's her list but please go check out her great blog.

1. There is no ONE way to make art. If someone tells you there is, they are wrong. It's that simple.

2. If you want to paint horses and puppies, then paint them. Don't paint something just because you think other people will like it. Paint whatyou like, and it will appeal to others as well. Images that come from the deepest desires of your heart will always touch other people too.

3. Not everyone is going to like what you paint. That's okay. Who cares? You like it, that's what matters.

4. You can teach yourself how to paint and draw the way you want to. It's a learnable skill. Practice, practice, practice. Study, learn, repeat.

5. Believe in yourself. If you don't, no one else will either.

6. The smell of instant coffee still reminds you of Mr. Crowther (your art teacher). And he was right about doing all those contour line drawings. Suck it up, do them, and be thankful.

7. Your first realistic portrait? 'Tis not beautiful. That's okay, try, try again. Learn from it what you can, don't get discouraged, and try again.

8. Don't give up. Not even when you think you suck. Because you don't.

9.  Prayer helps. A lot.

10. Your favorite watercolor brush is still a size 6. And also a ten. :)

"Me" time.

Awww... the joy of painting.  Since I work a regular job, I feel like I'm really blessed when I have moments to paint.  It's my vacation time.  Pure self indulgence.  

Blogging is much the same.  "Me" time.  Time when the work is over (or waiting "patiently" to be done).  I sit in my recliner with my laptop and check-in with friends.  I don't always make comments but I see what they're working on, what's happening in their lives and sometimes I write something here so they know what I'm up to as well.

Today's picture shows the tiny bit of progress I've made on my latest painting.  Life is good.

August 25, 2010


Painting is in my future. I can see the opportunity just around the bend.  I look longingly in that direction.  Just a couple more days....unless...  No.  I will make the time.  I will forgo all the other activities that are pulling on my sleeve and I will return to my easel.  Awww, what a wondrous thought.  


August 23, 2010

Lunch by the River

I hope you're having as wonderful a summer as I am.  Family visiting, weddings, camping... food and more food.  The weather has been awesome and my balcony garden is overflowing with flowers.  Oh, how I love summer.

September is getting closer.  I have sixteen paintings up at one place and need another half dozen for another show.  I have five...  Hmmm...  I guess I'll have to go to the River Front Pub in a neighbouring town and retrieve one that's been there for several months.  I don't like leaving a piece in one place too long but it is nice to have my pieces displayed for the whole summer tourist season.  Besides it will be a nice road trip to go to Grindrod and have lunch on the patio beside the river. The picture below is the painting of the River beside the Pub.  Oh ya, it's my header.

Tranquil Waters
8"x 24" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Bonnie Heather Artist

August 12, 2010

Goin' camping!

Hi folks.  This is just a note to let you know I'll be away for five days camping.  I wish I could take my painting along but alas, I won't have any electricity to dry the paint....the one disadvantage to Genesis oils.  I will take my sketching journal but it will be a time of swimming, canoeing and lots of reading.  I might do a little writing but no promises. 

September is always my time to start fresh with new goals, new projects and new schedules.  I will spend part of my holiday deciding how I will do all that.  I know I will be working through Richard Robinson's course on Mastering Colour this fall.  I'll also start working on my first portrait commission (scary). 

Probably the hardest thing (as usual) will be to get fit and lose weight.  I do plan on making that easier by canoeing and eating lots in the next week.  I think that should work because canoeing will really build the muscles and if I gain lots of weight before September then I have lots of fresh weight to lose when I start my new routine.  We all know it's easier to take off new weight than the old stuff that's glue on.

Anyway dear friends I will miss you.
Bonnie Heather

August 11, 2010

New Painting

Wow, it's so nice to come home and be welcomed by so many awesome blogger friends from all over the world.  You guys truly made my day.... thanks!

Here's my latest project.  It's very similar to "I think I can...  I think I can..." but I hope to paint it a little looser.  This little boy is feeding the pigeons in a downtown park.  He's the grandson of a good friend.  Once again I saw the picture on facebook and asked if I could paint him.

I'm rushing to go to work right now but will check in with each of you as soon as I get home.  Have a great day.

Bonnie Heather

August 10, 2010

I'm back.

I'm baaaaack!  Okay, I know it was only a week, but I did cram a lot into it.  We travelled to Northern BC in a small car that was packed to the ceiling with camping gear for my husband, myself and my lovable brother, Art, who has Cerebral Palsy.

We visited with my oldest brother and his new family and attended a wedding where nobody had ever met us before.  We didn't crash it - honest... even though it did sorta feel that way.  We're the aunt and uncle of the bride.  We'd just never met.  I also got to visit with my youngest brother and his wife in Prince George on our way home.  Altogether we set up the two tents five times in the seven days but unfortunately only swam in a lake once.  A near perfect holiday.

Now I'm home and four pounds heavier, ...sigh.  My next painting is on the easel and camping laundry is in the washer.  Life is good.

Bonnie Heather