July 28, 2011

Big show this weekend!

Hi everyone.  I'm back from vacation and all excited about my show this Sat. and Sun.  I'm so pleased to be one of five artists that will be exhibiting on the long weekend.  Click on the poster below for more details.

Thanks everyone who wished me well on my camping trip.  The weather was not the best (the worst since 1976) but we enjoy ourselves and kept warm by the campfire.  I never dug out the paints or my drawing supplies, that I took along, but I did take lots of pictures, especially of the many dramatic cloud formations that swiftly came and went.  Now that we're home the weather has turned nice...maybe we'll go again after the show.

My VIP mention for today is Hilda Muxo Klinger.  I really can't make up my mind what I enjoy more, her oil paintings or her pastels.  They are both beautiful...go see.

July 11, 2011


The view from our camp site.

We're going again.  The weather isn't predicted to be perfect, but it'll be warm.  I have my novels ready, my fishing pole packed and my bathing suit washed and ready.  This time we hope to camp for two weeks.  A lot of my friends can't imagine living in a tent that long but it's the living outside that's the real attraction. I love the way my skin feels after a day or two and I really enjoy the freedom from house work.  I know I still have to cook, but it's all done on one burner or over the camp fire, and doing dishes is so much more enjoyable when it's done outside.  

View from inside our tent.

July 5, 2011

Decisions... decisions...

Oh, how I want to paint something new...  but I can't because I have to get the big one I'm working on finished in time for Art Walk.  Summer's are not very productive for me... I'm not complaining because it's my time to be laid back.  I love summer and after working for the last few years, I now want to enjoy every  minute of the wonderful Okanagan weather.  I live in a resort condo and I can hear children playing a game of street hockey, birds singing and the gurgle of my water fountain on the deck.  The outdoors is calling but I'm a studio painter through and through and I must complete my goals.  Sigh...

I'm smiling to myself.  What a wonderful dilemma.  After many years of serious life altering choices and decisions that needed my attention, I now can sit back and blog about my choice to paint or go outside and read a book... life is good.

6'x4' oil on 24 squares of stretched canvas

My VIP mention for today is Hilda Muxo Klinger.  Even though Hilda has some wonderful pastel paintings, I'm drawn to her lovely oil paintings the most... go have a look.

July 1, 2011

I love my blogging buddies.

Look what Myra did!  She honoured me by putting my painting in her painting of a really glorious chair.  Couldn't you just sit there for hours... drinking coffee of course... like the one below by JanettMarie :D.

Happy CANADA Day!!!