November 27, 2010

Snow and hot chocolate

I love to look at fresh snow.  It makes everything look so new and clean.  I would be quite content to stock my cupboards and stay inside all winter and look out at it.  I dislike icy roads and I'm not a fan of being cold.  I tried skating again last year and found out the ice is a lot harder now that I'm older.  I quickly gave away my skates and slowly recuperated from meeting the ice, chest first, very suddenly.  This winter my plan is to work seldom, paint often, and every late afternoon to curl my feet up on the couch and sip hot chocolate while I enjoy the sun setting on the pretty white stuff on the other side of my window.

I might be finished my celebrity painting.  (but not likely)

12" x 16"oil on stretched canvas

November 23, 2010

I love it when art sells.

The Under 100 show at our local gallery is a stunning success.  It is our first Christmas show and I think we were a little insecure on how it would go.  It was a pleasant surprise when we (the participating artists) received an email requesting more paintings because the walls were almost bare.  I love it when our art sells. I always feel so honoured that someone would pay to put my art in their home. I've been working on the celebrity portrait for the last few days but I think I'll leave it and paint a couple more small ones.  Sorry, I have no paintings of my own to show you today but I've included one from the blog of an exceptional artist friend, Myra.

November 16, 2010


"Dirt" is the name of the movie The Fresh Outlook Foundation is playing at their Building Sustainable Communities conference.  I've heard it's on Netflix.  I delivered my painting for their silent auction.  I hope it makes them some money.  It's especially nice that they offer the artist 80% of the sale price. I like the fact that my work will be displayed at the Delta Grand.  If you're in the area drop by and see it.  It ends on Thursday.
18"w x 24"h
Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

I don't often do mixed media but this was fun.  I added some word thoughts to it for drama.

November 10, 2010

My art is spicy.

Here's the press release for the upcoming show:

And here's a picture of the paintings I'm putting into the show.  Seven pieces under 100 inches and under $100.00 dollars.  All the commissions go to help our new local art gallery in Lake Country:

I've heard that variety is the spice of life, so my life must be very spicy.

November 9, 2010

Another little painting.

This week I've been getting ready for the Under 100 show.  All pictures have to be under 100 square inches and under $100 dollars.  The display will be up for about 6 weeks at the Art Gallery in Lake Country.  I'll post the flyer soon but I thought I'd show you the latest painting I just completed for the show.

Winter's Rest
5"x7" oil on stretched canvas

The photo didn't turn out too great on this one.

November 6, 2010

For Myra

This post is dedicated to one of my favourite bloggers, Myra.  She really is a bit of a pest. Just because she has this wonderful ability to to draw ballerinas she thinks the rest of us should also have the same talent.  She challenged me to draw something, anything.... even a line.  Give me a paint brush and I can probably accomplish it but with a pencil...NOT.  Well maybe a little :) 

Anyway this is for you Myra:

Enjoy your coffee.

November 5, 2010

No painting to show you. :(

I wish I was like many of my blogging buddies who paint every day.  I love the idea, but then a day like today comes along and I realize it's been five days since I painted.  Where did the time go? Another thing that didn't happen was a blog post.  I've  read posts by others and commented on a few but alas I procrastinate...  

Well enough of that!  Today I will paint so that I have something worthwhile to  blog.  I know I have lots of loyal followers out there and I apologize for being slack.  So one more coffee while I read what Myra, Sherry, Carol, AMO, Ralph and.... have been up to... :]  and THEN to the easel.

Happy painting.