December 31, 2009

Next year!

I've always loved planning for the future.  So many possibilities.  So much potential.

Painting is exciting at anytime but to really consider what a whole year ahead could accomplish...well it boggles my mind.

I can get impatient with the painting I'm working on because I want to start the next one.  A lot of artists work on several paintings at once.  I don't as a rule because I know I can get lax at finishing, especially once I've moved on to another project.  I've started to relax that rule in the last month by allowing myself to set the big painting aside (close by and in sight) and then painting a small, fun project like an internet challenge or a small gift for a friend or family member.  This has been fun.  I love the does slow down the progress on the big painting.  I think I'll probably do it again.

The painting in this post is one I did as part of a three part story.  I don't think this one is completely finished but I won't know until I finish the other pieces of the story.  Each piece is painted on professional quality, 20"x20" gallery wrapped canvas.

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December 30, 2009


"Inner Light" 16"x20"Acrylic,  SOLD

Today, I'm looking back at paintings I did when I first decided to get serious as an artist.  Yes, I've definitely improved since then, but I can still feel the joy I felt when finishing those first pieces of art.  Since then I've painted flowers, landscapes, birds, animals, portraits and abstracts.
I guess the main thing I learned over the last few years is, I like change.

The picture I've included with todays post is the first painting I sold to someone I didn't know.  I'l never forget the thrill.  My bookkeeping skills were poor at the time and I lost contact with those wonderful folks.  Where ever they are, I hope they are getting as much happiness from the painting, Inner Light, as I did when they bought it.

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December 29, 2009

The portrait of me arrived.

My portrait arrived

I'm so excited to see my portrait come up on Karin Jurick's blog.  Nithya Swaminathan painted me in rich, vibrant  colours and included me on her blog as well.  It's really remarkable to have my portrait painted by an artist that lives in Germany.

Now to get back to the abstract I'm working on.  Part two of a three part story of my life.  More to come on another day.

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Photo reference

Yesterday I posted my finished portrait from Karin Jurick's blog, portrait exchange.  Today I thought I'd add the original photo I was given to paint.  By the end of the year I'll find out who this pretty lady is.  That's the deadline for her to send back the portrait of me that she painted.

December 28, 2009

Still figuring this out how to do this blog thing.

Oil on gessoboard panel  5"x7"  NFS

This end of the year challenge was a lot of fun.  On Karin Jurick's blog:  Different Strokes for different Folks, I had my photo exchanged with another persons and then we painted each other.  This is how I painted the picture I received.  I haven't seen the one of me yet.  I love the intrigue.

December 27, 2009

This is the beginning.

2010 is almost here.  I've spent many enjoyable hours reading the blogs of other artists as well as those of family members.  Now that the new year is almost here I've decided to join the community.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I find this rather scary.  What will I say?  Will I bore everyone?  Yikes!  I'm chickening out and I haven't made my first post yet.

I think I'll just post this so I'm past the first hurdle.

Happy New Year to one and all!