September 24, 2012

I've got to paint faster...

I hate being late.   I'm normally a very punctual person so it was with great distress that I entered a painting late for the monthly painting contest on:  Artist-reference-photos.  Each month we pick our favourite picture for the photo contest and the next month we can try to paint the winners photograph.  

Here's my attempt for this month:

September 14, 2012

Art Walk

This is an art show I look forward to all year.  It's huge and the people come to look at art...only art.  There are dancers and musicians performing in every room and building.  Flags fly over the sidewalks to show you where the next building with art is located.  The amount of work put into planning and putting on this magnificent event is fantastic and I am so grateful.  What a wonderful group of volunteers.

7000 to 8000 people go through and look at my paintings!  My head is swollen right out of shape by all the kind comments.  This year was unusually exciting with people making a special effort to come and see my painting "City Lights".  

My booth:

September 10, 2012

Our adventure:

Wow,  it sure is a busy time of year.  Art Walk is over and let's just say it was awesome.  Before I show you pictures from that event, I have to back track in time.

Today's blog post will show how a group of wonderful friends got together  and took my eight foot painting, called "City Lights", to a photographer friend's place to be photographed and then returned the same night.  We happen to live in an upstairs condo and own a small car so when a friend offered his pickup we thanked him and prayed for good weather.  Other folks found out what we were doing and showed up to help, wow, I feel so blessed.  They put the painting into the back of the pickup and while three fellows stood beside it to keep it from falling, the owner of the truck drove us slowly to the photographer. What an adventure!

The photographer, who is VERY famous for his quality work, invited me into his home that was in the process of being built.  He and his gracious wife were exhausted and hadn't even taken time to eat yet and it was already 9 pm.  They insisted they still wanted to do this for me and welcomed all of us into their fantastic new home. 

Below are some pictures of our time in their home: 

My sweetheart was order by our hostess to stretch out and rest after his recent emergency room visit.

The photographer and I (he's such a great guy)

I'm checking to see if he knows what he's doing. lol

Thank you
-to those who helped that night
-to those who fed us when we were out of commission
-those who brought flowers and cards
-and all those who took the time, to visit, email or phone, to see how we were doing. 

September 6, 2012

What a week...

Hi everyone! I'm sitting here with my laptop balanced on my knees.  I can't bring it forward in case it touches my tummy and hurts where the surgeon just repaired two hernias. I'm so glad to have that over with.  It's been an extremely busy week.  First I had to call the ambulance for my hubby because I couldn't get him off the bathroom floor.  After ten hours in emergency they told us they thought he had had a baby stroke and told him he couldn't drive. Two days later we had to bug friends to drive us the 35 minutes to the hospital for my surgery.  It went well but when our friends returned to give us a ride home, I suddenly had a severe attack of pain on my left side away from where my incision was...many hours later they gave me a couple shots and sent me home non the wiser.  

Now the pain is receding nicely, my sweetheart has had more tests and they decided he only has an inner ear problem...yippeeee. God is good.  

So many folks have helped us out in the last week but I want to spend more time giving you the details later.  Our neighbourhood is awesome.