April 24, 2012

Gardening and painting. Two of my favourite things...

Hello everyone.  I spent a couple hours working in the garden today.  It felt wonderful even though I had to stop because my back complained too much.  It was still so great to get outside in the sunshine...I think I may have a burn..a true sign of summer :D

work in progress

I'm still working away at my two commissions.  They are coming together quite nicely so far.  The mist wasn't as hard as I thought it would be on the lake scene.  The little boat picture should be done soon.  It's the one pictured above.

April 13, 2012

I love the sun shine.

The sunshine is helping me get some energy back.  I think the virus is finally losing it's grip...wow, that was a long haul.

My big commission is coming along nicely now and I've even put in some time on my little 5"x7" commission.  I'll show you it soon, but it's only blue sky and clouds so far.  

Today I'm posting a picture of the two little thickly textured paintings I made from my left over paint. They are 6"x6" on gallery wrapped canvas.

I love springtime.
Have a great day everyone.

April 11, 2012

No paintings today.

The Doctor said this virus has been lasting two to three weeks for most people...well it's almost three weeks for me, so it should go away any day now.  I hope so, because I'm tired of being tired.

I hope all my blogger buddies are doing well.  I'll post again once I'm healthy.

Bonnie Heather

April 6, 2012

The sun is shining today.

Today is the first time, in two weeks, that I've felt like painting.  It's so good to be back.  For the last couple of weeks I didn't have the stamina to sit at the easel for more than five to ten minutes and even then I found it hard to focus.  

Now it's Good Friday and I feel great.  I'm so grateful for the sacrifice that was made for me.

I've just started painting a 20" by 40" commission.  It's a beautiful landscape.  I hope to do it justice.

Unfortunately, I haven't been painting, thus I have nothing new to post.  

Happy Easter everyone.

April 2, 2012

My new "Splash of Colour" series:

Hi friends, I'm still feeling a bit rough with this virus but I am improving.

Today's blog post picture is of something new I started.  When I'm working on a big project, the paint spread all over my glass palette is scraped to the edge and mixed together to make a grey that goes with well the project I'm working on.  After the second day, I scrape it into a pile and then use my palette knife to spread it thickly on a small canvas I bought for this purpose. Right now I put it on in the shape of a daisy. After a few days when the paint is thick enough, I let it dry and then paint it.  It's a easy project that gives me a fun distraction after working hard on something big.

 I'm calling it my "Splash of Colour" series.

6" x6" on gallery wrapped canvas
the petals go down the edge of the painting as well

Have a great day everyone.