June 29, 2011

Win one of my paintings.

I had a wonderful week of camping.  Unfortunately, my camera's battery died after three pictures and I didn't get around to painting anything.  It was a great time of canoeing, swimming and relaxing.  I read several romantic suspense novels and ate way too much.  

Just before I left to go camping, I delivered a painting to "House of Rose Winery" for their charity auction.  The silent auction will last all summer and the proceeds go to our local Woman's shelter.  If you get the chance, drive out to the vineyard and taste some wine, have a picnic on site and bid on some of the wonderful local art. 

"Deep In the Forest"
11"x14" Oil on stretched canvas
Win this painting by bidding on it at the House of Rose Winery, Kelowna BC

My VIP mention for this post is Trudy Gomez.  She has the most wonderful paintings made with acrylic washes.  I love all her vibrant paintings.  

June 20, 2011

Gone camping.

Hi Everyone.  I'm away on a camping trip in central British Columbia.  The scenery is amazing and I want to paint everything I see.  I probably won't be back online for a week or so, if the weather stays good. I'll be missing you and will write again as soon as I get back. Hugs.

June 14, 2011

Triptych Show

First I want to thanks everyone for their kind comments.  The headaches have eased off and my neck now allows me to look around.  I will get back to painting this week and hopefully accomplish my monthly goals.  

The reception at the Little Straw Vineyard was delightful.  No sales unfortunately, but a really nice time visiting with some very talented artists.  I'm one of the blessed artists who gets to have her husband accompany her on all these fun events.

The next really important one is coming up on Friday.  Robert Genn will be there!  I have followed his twice weekly newsletters for a couple years and enjoy them soooo much.  Hmmm... I think I'll make him my VIP mention for this post.

June 11, 2011

My booth at The Garden Party in Kelowna 

Hi everyone.  As promised, I've attached two pictures of last weekends event.  It was beautiful weather during the whole show.

This week I haven't been able to paint due to my tumble from the above chair on Saturday.  I will sure appreciate painting when I get back to it.  I did deliver a large collection of my art to the Little Straw Vineyard for that two week show.  The reception is today, from 4 to 6.  I'm hoping I can make it and if you happen to live in the area.... please come over.  There will be fine art, music, food and wine tasting.

My VIP selection today is JanettMarie's blog.  Please visit and see her awesome fun art.

Hope you're enjoying the summer.

June 6, 2011

This show runs for two weeks.

Hi everyone.  The show on the weekend turned out great except for me falling off my tall director's chair and hitting my head on the metal fence post.  Good thing I have a hard head.  I'll show some pictures of the event soon but  today I want to announce my show that starts today.  It runs for two weeks and it's a chance to taste some great wine as well as see some neat art. The top painting on the poster is mine.  

My VIP mention today is someone I've mentioned many times.  She has one of the most interesting blogs on the net.  May I introduce......  MYRA ANDERSON

June 1, 2011

Are you mobile ready?

Are you mobile ready?  They say that's how most people will be looking at our sites.  I'm not ready but I'm working at it.  I'm slowly changing my web pages so they are only 600 pixels wide and my paintings take up more of the page.  I hope this helps.  It seems to on my husband's iPad.  I notice the print on this blog is pretty small but easy for him to expand on the ipad but I'm curious about the smart phones... can they even read my blog if I put the QR code on my flyers?  

My question for you today is:  Have you tried the different templates offered by blogger, to see which ones show up the best on the new phones?  If you have and you figured it out...please let me know.

Bonnie Heather