January 8, 2014

Happy 2014

Hello my blogging buddies.  The new year begins on a very happy note: my sweetheart is still with me.  I so appreciate all the kind notes and prayers from all of you. 

The doctors hesitantly gave Hugh until early December, so we are celebrating each wonderful bonus day.  He has no pain and hasn't been nauseous.  I'm so grateful for our Canadian health care system and the daily homecare workers that come in to help. Because he is palliative, all medication and treatment are free.  Hugh is feeling pretty good and gaining weight from the goodies from our friends.  His newly developed sweet tooth got a good workout over Christmas.

I've painted very little since the diagnosis in April, but I did enter one or two paintings in a couple local shows.  An artist friend has helped with the delivery of the paintings. 

In 2014, I will enjoy the time I have left with my sweet spouse and now and then maybe sit down and put paint to canvas.  Have a great year my friends.

September 6, 2013

A comparison...

 Unframed vs Framed

I'm back to painting...

It's good to be back at the easel. I was able to push myself to get back at it on the first of September. This painting of a street in Tuscany has been waiting impatiently for my return. I may consider it finished now, but it will have to sit in the livingroom for a few days for me to check it out. It's a little darker than the photo suggests.

24"w x 36"h oil on wooden cradle.
Photo by Gabriel Stark (Paintmyphoto.com)

I also finished off the last couple hours needed on this cool scene of Lake Okanagan near my home.
36"w x18"h oil on gallery wrapped canvas

These two paintings do not have names yet...soon.

Just to update you on my husband's health:  He has no pain or discomfort.  He is walking and talking better then before and his appetite is good.  Unfortunately there are numerous brain glitches he has to deal with as the cancer takes it's tole.  Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes since his diagnoses in April.

June 19, 2013

Progress report...

Hello my dear friends. My husband and I are travelling the journey called: Cancer.  Radiation treatments are Monday through Friday until the end of this week when they stop for  a month.  Then things are reassessed, and we start again.  In the beginning they told us that we might have a year or two.  After the second MRI we were told they would try to give Hugh six months but that the cancer is very aggressive and...

There are many, many people praying for us and we are at peace.  Hugh is not suffering in any way.  We have the certain knowledge that God is with us at this time and if it's time for Hugh to go home, Jesus will come and take him in His arms.  

Thanks you for your concern and prayers.  I will be back blogging when this trial is over.

Bonnie Heather

May 11, 2013

Hi Everyone....

Hi Folks.  By now some of you may have notice I haven't been blogging for some time.  Sorry about that.  I still go and check on you once in a while but rarely take the time to comment.  Life took an unexpected turn a few weeks back when the love of my life, my husband, Hugh was diagnosed with brain cancer, stage 3.  My life since then has been very busy with tests and now starting treatments.  When things settle down to a predictable schedule I will again start painting and posting.  Until then, know that I am checking in with you and I wish you all well with your painting and projects.

Bonnie Heather

March 28, 2013

Spring, a time to start new...

The sun and warm weather are like a tonic.  I love watching my seedlings grow and I even enjoy the spring cleaning projects that seem to bring the sunshine into the condo.  It's also time to get reinvigorated about painting. (reinvigorated ... is that a real word?) 

This is the year I decided I would focus on larger paintings.  Although I really enjoy seeing the finished paintings on display, I find I'm not painting as often.  I wouldn't call it boredom but I do have the need for variety. Reverting to smaller paintings was not an option I would allow myself....so...

The solution for my desire for change and growth came via Informed Collectors artist choice for today:  Mara Schasteen.  While browsing her web page I came across her colour charts.  Hmmmm...  I started making charts a couple years ago but I never got past mixing individual colours with white.  These simple charts have been an amazing help to me over the years and I have taught all my students to make them.  Mara has taken the next step and made charts that mix all her primary colours with each other.  That's what I need. So today I sorted out the colours I would use and gessoed some plastic canvas sheets. Mara's charts are neat and tidy.  I'm more of a slap bang type person so mine aren't.  Hopefully in a few days I can show you some of my completed charts... this is a big project that will probably take me most of the spring.  I'll find something else to do for the summer I'm sure. 

Still a lot more to paint...