March 30, 2010

Not a daily painting blog.

It's a good thing I didn't name my blog anything that resembled: Bonnie Heather's daily paintings.  Having a blog has definitely encouraged me to paint more but I still paint less than many of my new blogging friends.  We listed our condo for sale today and I had to pack up all my supplies so the realtor could take pictures that made the place look nice and tidy.  My studio is our diningroom and I'm not tidy.

Now that everything is put away it will probably be a day or two before I get back to painting.  I'll still be visiting all my favourite sites and I'm busy working on a special project that I'll reveal soon.  In the meantime I'll enclose a picture of the view from our condo, just in case someone out there is thinking of buying in the beautiful Okanagan Valley.
2 bedroom Condo
Kelowna BC Canada

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  1. looks like a very beautiful condo with a beautiful mountain view. why are you moving if I may be so bold as to ask?

  2. I'd love a condo in Kelowna, a summer retreat from Surrey would be a dream.... too bad, only a dream...

  3. Oh good luck with all of that Bonnie!

  4. Looks like a nice place to sit and read a book or to paint. I hope all goes well and no matter you eason for leaving I hope you find joy wherever. Look forward to your unpacking of those paints again. I would dread having to clean my painitng space.

  5. It's awful when your painting supplies are boxed up and out of reach! Try pencil and paper, sketching could be great relief.

  6. Thanks for all the caring comments folks.

  7. Bonnie, I know how you feel...but I have been working out of my kitchen for the past year...thanks for the ever so uplifting comment on our Blog earlier...I really appreciate the kind words.
    LOVE your work...