March 26, 2010

Water colour is not like riding a bicycle.

The warmer weather had me thinking: water colour.  So a couple of days ago, I went to the local park and sketched the view from the top of Knox Mountain.  My drawing turned out great and I looked forward to posting it BUT first I wanted to add some water colour to set it off and show some of the beautiful blues of the lake and sky. Did you notice there isn't a picture with todays post? That's because the water colour wash I tried, turned out awful.  What a mess. Yuk.

Unlike Myra who painted a pretty water colour picture that turned out wonderfully, mine was beyond bad. Ok, did I learn anything from this experience?  Hmmm, how about practice makes perfect... That was the first water colour I'd tried in over a year.  It is not like riding a bicycle.

I did however have a terrific day off, out in the sunshine, and had a fun day with family.
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  1. A good day with family is a treasure. I always start out with light washes on my watercolors - layering washes helps me. Don't give up, keep trying and it will come back!

  2. Thanks Trudy. That sounds like great advise with emphasis on "light".:)

  3. Personally, I think anyone who tries watercolor is exceptionally brave. Give me pen and ink, or oil paints anyday. Good luck with your next effort!

  4. Sorry about the wash that didn't work. It is part of the process I think. I have messed up so many times but something keeps me going. Personally I think we have to paint and make art and the more we mess up the more we learn.
    Thanks for the post!

  5. I so love the honesty of this post. I tried and it did not work. I have many days like that when things do not work and sometimes I despair. You sound so positive and that is marvellous Thanks again.