March 17, 2010

Using oil like water colour.

I didn't realize the challenges I'd have when I started this portrait.  The oil was fun to use but having only one colour meant using washes to create depth.  It also meant no covering up a dark area that should be light.  I did find I could go in with a cotton swab and lighten some areas but I couldn't alter any place that included the background.

My son says he's not that heavy but this picture was taken several years ago... besides, after all the years that I heard the tune for the A&W root bear being hummed by my two, then, teenage sons... call it my revenge.
oil on board

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  1. Bonnie that must have been tough being restricted to just 1 color. You did a great job. I hope Nathan won't mind being called a 'nice guy', but he sure looks like one from your portrait!

  2. Ya, he's a character. He lives in Ontario so I haven't seen him in two years...miss him a lot.

  3. We have done it again. I post my blog come to see what you have been up and wow a portrait. A very good one well done. Might go back and change my blog Ha Ha

  4. Wow, this is incredible and with just one color! I have tried the water soluble oils and liked them ok--I need to try it again.

  5. This is great! Good drawing and character in this portrait. I love monotone works. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.

  6. Hi Bonnie! This painting does indeed show a lot of character. Thanks for visiting me via the blog. I have been busy and lazy at the same time. Will post some work soon!

  7. Bonnie,
    nice portrait done in a single color...
    fantastic piece of art...
    this kind of blogs give new ideas to my people...