March 16, 2010

Painting with water soluble oil.

I normally use Genesis oils.  I like them a lot but as I mentioned before, I love change.  With that in mind I bought ONE tube of Winsor Newton's water mixable colour.  Make that, color, for you US folks.

In honour of my eldest son, who sent me a really cute birthday card, I used my new tube of oil to paint his portrait.  The trouble comes with the fact that it doesn't dry right away.  It's not finished but I can't go any further because the paint starts to lift off when I go back at it.  Did I ever mention that I'm also a tad bit impatient.

oil on board
Oh well, I'll attach what I've completed so far and finish it later on.   It looks like him a little.
 I hope you have a good couple of days until I talk to you again.
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  1. Bonnie, they make a quick dry medium to use with the water soluble, but I find the smell too strong. It also posts warnings with use. I love portraits - you make them look great!

  2. this looks great! it's amazing how you have captured his personality on mere canvas! can't wait to see more!