March 2, 2010

FCA-COC meeting

Last night I went to our Federation of Canadian Artists meeting here in Kelowna.  One of the things we did was have a critiquing session.  What a great way to grow as an artist.  I knew a lot of the things that were recommended, but often forget to check for them in my paintings.  A session like this always helps me remember to observe my own work carefully.  If you get a chance to attend a critiquing session I highly recommend it....even if it is hard on the nerves when your time comes. :-).

I'm off to work this morning and I hope you have a great day...thanks for dropping by.
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  1. Us artists tend to stray away from critique, but it's just what we need to grow. I've never attended a critiquing session, but I've gotten a little critique from people viewing my work online and it's nice to see that people take the time to actually look that closely!

  2. Bonnie, I enjoyed looking at your work and reading your blog.
    Paint on...

  3. You are very talented. I love the picture at the top of your blog!

  4. Hi Bonnie. Thanks for joining my blog this past week. It is wonderful to have a new painter friend.
    Especially another Canadian friend!

  5. I am pleased that you have started to follow my blog and I am looking forward to following yours This is my first visit and already I feel challenged thank you.