January 19, 2010

Welcome all my new followers.

I seem to be having a glitch in my google friend connect. Every time I try to send a message to a new follower, I end up joining my own site instead. Soooo, if you did recently join my google friend connect, WELCOME. I am very pleased to have you on board.

This morning I was listening to an audio podcast where Geoffrey Gorman mentioned that an artist should try and create one museum piece each year.  I'm working on that piece now.  It's a three part series with the name: (I'm still debating this) "Life's Journey".  I attached the first piece I painted, (part two) in an earlier blog.  I've now completed the second piece which is part one of the series.  I'm sure when all three parts are done, there will need to be some tweeking to help them flow together but here are the two for now. Please note that the photo's make them look different colours but they were created with the same pallet.  I'm hoping many of you will relate times in your lives to the different parts of my series.

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  1. love these pieces! love the way the ribbon 'flows'!

  2. Bonnie Heather...beautiful name which flows like your art! I look forward to seeing the series when complete to see how it all flows together! Wonderful!

  3. Thanks for you kind comments. You are a wonderful encouragement to me.