January 3, 2010

Pushing through the cloud

I'm having trouble getting motivated with my art.  Also being a writer, I've had this before.  I look across the room, think about what I should do next to create the feel I want in my current project and go blank.  I know the rules, they're the same as with writing:  sit butt on chair and start.. start anything.  If I was writing, I would just type a few random thoughts and then focus in on the topic I'm writing about and usually a light bulb turns on and I'm back on track... and away I go into the story.   Ok, how can I turn this into a way to get back to painting..... Sit butt in chair, ( I usually paint sitting)  I don't want to doodle on my painting so  maybe if I play with some colour on my palette.  I love mixing colour, trying to make something new and exciting.  Maybe if I mix something new to go on my current project...

Well I think it's working,  I haven't left my computer and I feel drawn to my palette.  What if I could mix up a brand new colour?   Gotta go!  I'll try to check in tomorrow and tell you about my progress with my painting.
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  1. Hey Bonnie!
    What color did you mix?!

    The other day I was painting and I wanted to use a color that I had mixed in ...oh, March 2009? Anyway, it took a while but I found it! I decided to write it down, can you believe it? I have a hard time writing things down, like in a journal or sketch book, maybe.. just maybe this is a start. Like you!

    Keep at it! : ) From my heart! Janett

  2. Hi Janett, I love your idea. Will I do it, I ask myself as i sit here and write you. YES!!! I WILL. Next time I start trying to make that perfect colour, I'll write down what I do. Maybe I'll finally find the perfect colour mix for the mountain lake near here... and then have it for the next painting as well.

    It always feels so good to start the year off doing somethings better.

    Thanks for the comment.