January 5, 2010

Beautiful British Columbia Canada

"VIEW POINT" 12"X24" acrylic  SOLD

I entered the community of bloggers a week ago.  Not knowing exactly how things worked, I joined twitter, linking and created two blog spots.  Needless to say, my housework suffered.  I thought my art would too but blogging about painting has encouraged me to get back at it after the long holiday.  The most exciting thing for me has been the bloggers that have reached across cyberspace and left comments.  How wonderful!  I know right now that those folks are only acquaintances, but because of our shared interest in art and this free and informative way of communicating, I believe many will become friends.

I think pictures are the most fun on a blog so today I'm adding a shot of the second painting I sold.  It's the view from a picnic spot in Central British Columbia, Canada.  This is such a beautiful Province.
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  1. This is one absolutely beautiful painting! I feel like I am sitting on the bench looking at the river!!

  2. Wow Bonnie, you do nice work.

  3. Thank you soooooo much. You two are so encouraging. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my blog and especially for the wonderful encouragement.