January 8, 2010

Painting: Peaceful Place

I look at my art and see my heart.  I'm amazed this has happened.  Even though I've heard several artists claim their art was a reflection of themselves, I thought it was something I would have to work at, something I hadn't yet achieved.  I think social networking on the web and reading many different artist's blogs has shown me how my art is very uniquely me.  Just like when I look at another artist's work and get a glimpse of their personality, I can now look at mine and see.... me!

"Peaceful Place" 16"X20" oil  available
The painting I'm attaching today is a reflection of the peace I have in my soul as well as the longing I have to linger in this place.
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  1. Very nice Bonnie. I think I would like to be in that place. Today with all the snow and cold here, I'm ready for the sweet sound of a summer stream. This painting actually warms me inside! Thanks!