July 3, 2010

Paintings new name is:

Picture from a couple years ago when it was called:
"A Rose of a Different Colour"

Hi everyone.  I think this is the longest I've ever gone without posting.  Yesterday I started a week long staycation.  I slept in 'til 9:30, read a novel, painted a little and delivered a donated painting for the new seniors home nearby.  It was kinda fun putting a little gold plaque on the painting with it's name followed by mine.

I actually changed the name of the painting before donating it.  Since I painted it a few years ago, I've called it "A Rose of a Different Colour" but for this new and final home I renamed it "Essence".  It has held an honoured position in my living room, but as one of my favourites I knew it was time to pass it on for others to see.  I really hope it brings some joy to the people living at the Blue Heron Villa.

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  1. Hi Bonnie,
    Lovely painting and generous gift. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Bonnie this IS a wonderful painting and a very nice photo!

  3. Hi Bonnie, lovely work and also lovelier intention to donate for others to enjoy! Essence is an apt name!

  4. That's a wonderful painting. And it should give you great satisfaction to know that the residents will be gazing at your painting every day, and it will bring them joy and comfort. Beautiful work, and a beautiful deed!