July 13, 2010

I have a burnt nose.

It's been a week since the last post!  Wow, does time ever slip away on me.  Looking back and trying to analyze where it went, I realize there was a lot accomplished.

I went canoeing twice and even have a burnt nose as a souvenir.  We visited with friends and had others over to visit.  There was an apartment building fire in Kelowna and we had the opportunity to help those evacuated.  There was another fire a couple days later that challenged our firefighters but we didn't get called out for this one. For those who don't know, I'm not a fire fighter, but volunteer for our Emergency Service group. We help those evacuated, with the forms needed to get the three days of lodging and food offered by the Provincial Government if they are forced out of their homes.  It's very rewarding.

I know, I said I was finished my painting a week ago...but... well you know how it is.  It's still on my easel. I had it critiqued by David M, whose painting and digital art I greatly admire and I took a day to listen to the videos on mastering color by Richard Robinson.  After that I knew I needed to do some more work.  I'll post it one more time when I get finished again.

Hoping you have a great week,
Bonnie Heather

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  1. Thanks Bonnie for sharing David's link, what an outstanding artist he is! Getting a critique from him for your work is sure a feather in your cap!

  2. Sunscreen, Bonnie, sunscreen!! But the canoeing sounds like it was fun! So sorry to hear that you've been so busy with work; that means that others have suffered some serious hardships. Still and yet, so glad you are able to help them. Rewarding indeed.