July 30, 2010

I love summer.

Oh, how I enjoy summer.  I love wearing summer clothes and the smell of barbecue.  Listening to the birds through my open windows is such a treat and trying to avoid the stones when I go for a dip in the lake are some of my favourite things.

Painting outside is soooo nice.  I'm not a plein air artist but I do enjoy taking my paints out on the deck to work on my present project.  Warm breezes, birds singing and the knowledge that I'm truly blessed.  It can't get much better.

All that said, you might be wondering where the picture of my next painting is.  I don't have one.  I know what I'll be painting next.  It's a sweet picture of a little boy feeding the pigeons.  I've been preparing my board and figuring out how I'll position the elements but I haven't started the painting.  Trouble is our holidays are fast approaching and we have a trip planned and I won't be able to paint while on the road.  It should be a great trip to attend the wedding of a niece I haven't met... but I'll miss my paints.

Life is good.


  1. Have a wonderful trip and take tons of photos for future painting ideas. :)

  2. You make the summer sound sublime, Bonnie. And while I love the scent of barbecue and fresh breezes, we tend to get hot and humid here and haven't managed a bbq yet! I must say I much prefer autumn, spring, and even winter to summer though. I think I'm always the odd one, yes? LOL Hope you have a great trip!

  3. Well, the trip sounds like fun. You can paint everything with your mind... I do that a lot. I also bring a small container of colored pencils and sketchbook to play with!

  4. Yes Bonnie, you can carry many memories of the trip to paint..have a good time and look forward to the boy feeding the pigeons!