July 6, 2010

Only the name left to do.

"I think I can... I think I can..."
24"h x 20"w
oil on stretched canvas

It's time to quit. I think?  A bit more drying and it's ready for the frame.  This painting, like the family portrait I'm working on, have both challenged my ability.  They are both finished as far as I can go but I dream of becoming better at the craft of painting.  I've learned a lot during the last couple of weeks and for that I'm grateful but there's so much to learn and so little time.

The comments made during this project have given me lots of wonderful ideas for a name, but I haven't quite nailed it.  I'll let you know what I come up with.

In the meantime, I hope you, my dear blogging buddies, have a great week.

ps.(days later) instead of reposting this picture again I just added the new name.  What do you think?

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  1. Bonnie, nice to see the finished work, yes you learn a lot with some paintings that are close to our hearts.. I wonder whats going on on his mind.. feel like getting in to the painting and hugging him!

  2. It came out so beautifully, Bonnie! Well done!

  3. Bonnie I think you did a fab job with colors, composition and light/shadow, especially on the boy's clothes.

  4. Great depth in this painting!! I love the little boy in the foreground. Great job!! Perfect title also. :)

  5. What an awesome painting...I lOve this!