May 16, 2010

Another painting challenge.

unfinished tulip
5"x 7" oil on artist board

I'm working on another web painting challenge.  This one is from the Paint and Draw Together blog.  Besides painting the picture, we are asked to make a pleasing background for the tulip.  Me, I prefer a solid almost black backdrop, but it is an official challenge so I'll try and stretch a little.  

 So far, as you can see, I've only blocked in the base colours.  This is always my favourite step in the painting process. Within a few minutes I can see the subject taking form.  Once this is done the painting starts calling to me... finish me ... finish me.  

Well I gotta go.  There's a painting yelling at me.

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  1. Can't wait to see how this finishes! Black does make such a pretty backdrop for beautiful flowers, doesn't it? It acts as a showcase, really.

  2. Great start, Bonnie. Look forward to seeing the completed work.

  3. hope to see the finished painting soon! Have fun.