May 26, 2010

I'm not alone

I've noticed a definite decline in the number of posts my favourite bloggers are making.   I thought it was just me, but no, this warm weather is drawing lots of us away from the computer.  I hope they all manage to get online at least once a week because I will really miss them.  I'm working on two larger paintings but gardening and reading seem to be the preferred way to spend my spare time right now.

I will check in weekly and try to have something to show you, but for today I'll just wish you a great summer.  Don't forget to paint.

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  1. Happy summer to you too :) Reading is one of my all time preferred ways to spend my time. Gardening. . . not so much. :)

  2. I did notice same thing..just starting to warm here in Utah but I have been busy with framing watercolors for a show..not my favorite job

  3. Wewll you talked me into trying a post today so thank you I will try and keep going till I head off to spain for three weeks and have a break then

  4. I am so not a summer person. The heat and humidity just absolutely sucks the life out of me! ('Course, I could readily enjoy a day at a ball game or maybe along the waterfront...). I just figured artists, by nature, were indoor peeps, like me! LOL

  5. Guilty as charged! Beautiful weather brings about many more activities, including painting outdoors! So don't worry, we're still finding time to paint.

    The blogs will continue, just maybe at a slower pace...

    Happy summer!

  6. It's hard to sit at the computer when it's finally warm and sunny! Painting outdoors helps, but a recent attempt was destroyed in a downpour! Happy Summer!