May 6, 2010

No art today.

I'm having a day off from work but I've spent most of my time spring cleaning.  I love the feeling when I finish a big project, whether it's house cleaning or a large painting. The feeling of accomplishment is wonderful.

It's almost evening now and here I sit in front of my computer.  A little piece of me regrets not having a painting to post but overriding this is the knowledge that my windows are clean, the vertical blinds are washed and back up and there are four dozen bran muffins in the freezer.

I'll be back at work tomorrow and the family portrait I'm working on will probably progress a little bit.  Meanwhile I'll be visiting my blogging buddies to see what they have been up to.  If you want to look at some fabulous art, I suggest you go to my side bar and visit the folks listed under: "My Favourite Blogs." They are a great group of encouragers I'm sure you'll enjoy meeting.  While you're at their blogs why not support them by clicking on the advertising on their sites.  Every click helps.Bookmark and Share


  1. There is nothing much better than a feeling of accomplishment. That stuff all needs to be done around here too. I used to stay so up on it and now I feel like it is swimming against the tides as no one in this house cares except me. They just don't see stuff and they make the messes!