May 10, 2010

Just for the fun of it.

     One thing about a day job is that you learn to really appreciate your free time.  Time to do what you want... like paint, instead of what you need to do.
    Don't get me wrong.  I take my painting seriously and try to work at it every day.  At the same time, it's a bit late in my life to spend the time and energy that's required to market my art enough to make a living at it.  I just want to master my craft and maybe leave a little mark on the world.
    That said, being on a limited budget, it's important to me that I make enough money to pay for art supplies; but more important is my desire for the affirmation received from the sale of my art.   Without the sale of paintings to strangers my insecurities run wild.
    Fortunately, I've been blessed with many sales... so today I reach for a brush and with confidence begin another painting just for the fun of it.   Here's the one I just finished:
"Summer's Glow"
5"x 7" oil on board

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  1. Bonnie,
    Your observations are correct...
    While your paintings are beautiful...

  2. Nice painting..I have been late at trying to be professional..went to school 33 years after dropping out and now have student loans to pay back! Ouch..hoping to make the art sell but will probably have to find another job..oh well still must make art..glad you are making sales..always a great feeling

  3. Hi Bonnie , your work is delightful.Glad to meet you!

  4. It is indeed very beautiful It smiles at me and makes me want to sing. A beautiful flower painted by a lovely person.

  5. So lovely! So fresh and spring-like!

  6. Thanks everyone! You guys are great.

  7. Hello Bonnie,
    So nice of you to stop by my blog. Always looking for new artist friends. I love your yellow day lily. It glows. Hope we get to chat about our art and life in general.

  8. just for fun ? wow.. nice one :D

  9. Hi Bonnie and thanks for dropping by my blog this week. I hope you sell that painting. If I don't make art I get depressed so I keep on doing it to keep myself sane. I figure I may as well spend my money on art supplies as long as I can do it. And when I do sell something it feels so good.