April 3, 2010

Still practicing portraits.

I just couldn't resist doing another portrait.  The challenge was... who do I paint.  I've done my immediate family.   I didn't want to lose any friends by painting something that would insult their idea of who they are.  You just never know.

The best idea seemed to be;  paint some public figure, but I didn't have any photos.  The solution came with an invitation to an event where the folks who helped out with the fires last summer in our area, were being honoured.  A friend sent me a group shot that included myself with some well known local individuals.  She also gave me permission to use her picture for a reference.

I'm a long way from being finished but thought it might be fun to post my painting as is and hope that as I progress, someone might recognize who it is.  I don't even know if any local people read my blog but this seemed a good way to find out.

5"x 7"oil on canvas board

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  1. It is looking good. if you are ever short of people to paint when you have this urge to paint portraits feel free to pinch my picture it would be such an honour. I like this who would ever be insulted?

  2. Thanks Ralph. You might be sorry you made that offer ;-). Have a happy Easter.

  3. Bonnie, nice job and happy Easter. I hope to follow your blog (thanks for joining mine). I am having trouble right now joining, but will try again tomorrow.