April 17, 2010

A painting to Myra

I decided to send a little pastel picture to Myra at the Last cup of Coffee.  It's my first pastel and just a copy of a "Degas".  I wanted to paint a ballerina because my new blogging buddy Myra likes them so much and this was my gift to her for giving me so much enjoyment in my morning blogging time.
Trouble is...I don't know any ballerina's, so I painted a Degas who she likes so well.  Now it's finished and off to her in the mail so I can sit back in my easy chair (she paints these as well- go see) and drink more coffee.  Let me know when it arrives, Myra.

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  1. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! It looks absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful gift. It's amazing - she looks just LIKE me! Thank you again! I will let you know when it arrives.

  2. Hello, I found you on my blog and so do appreciate your dropping in.
    Love this pastel of Degas, you are indeed a talented pastel artist.
    Have read several of your early postings and look forward to reading more.

  3. bonnie,

    very good picture...

  4. What a beautiful gesture from a lovely person. I am sure this will give lots of pleasure. I thank you also for your continuing support and interested to note you have found Ruby on one of her blogs. Right now she is going through a difficult time so you are a great person to be there.

  5. Bonnie thank you for joining me on my great chair adventure!