April 25, 2010

Chair painting "Come Dream Awhile"

"Come Dream Awhile"
11"x14"oil on gallery 1.5"wrapped canvas
$50.00 plus shipping

Bookmark and Share I've finished my chair painting.  It calls you to sit, drink coffee and dream of all the possibilities while remembering all your present blessings.  God is so good!


  1. OK Heather am I allowed now to say that it is good? When or if you read my blog today that this is a well meant praise of a great painting. A difficult subject and you did it well. Thank you again for taking the time to read my blogs and make comment.

  2. nice bonnie. I like how you have incorporated that blue-green of the outside with the same colors in the painting on the coffee table. Now where did I put my cup?

  3. Thanks Myra, Ralph and Gary. I appreciate you folks a whole lot.

  4. Wow, it's come alive!!
    This is beautiful!
    The color!

  5. Fantastic perspective on this! I imagine the chair and wicker were especially difficult! I like how the "calm" elements are sitting in front of a dynamic background...kind of suggests that the occupant has a place of rest amongst the busy-ness!