February 21, 2012

Still painting...

It's raining out but it feels cozy in my warm little studio area, in the diningroom.  My BIG painting is progressing nicely. 

I've put together the two paintings for the juried show at the Lake Country Gallery.  I hope at least one gets accepted but the number of competitors gets larger every year. I still enjoy the process even if my paintings aren't chosen. 

Tomorrow is when the ladies come here for a time of painting, coffee and visiting. I can't wait to see how they're progressing with their projects.  Maybe they'll let me show you.

Until next time, have fun...

The BIG one continues...


  1. Oh, the Big'un is looking great! And you'll be glad to know I'm not entering the member's show (don't have anything recent enough), so that's two paintings less to compete against. :) I hope you get in!

  2. This is looking amazing, Bonnie. The reflections - great job!

  3. It is even more stunning as a painting than it was as a photograph! Beautiful job so far, Bonnie! Good luck getting into the show!

  4. hi bonnie!!!!! this is stunning! i love what you do with these multiple canvases!

  5. This is all so exciting!!
    Like someone said to me recently "You go girl!"