February 29, 2012


I'm getting really excited. My eldest son Nathan is coming to visit in one week.  He lives in Toronto and we live on the far west side of Canada, thus we only get to see each other an average of every three years.  I still plan on painting but I have to start baking cookies, home made bread and all the other goodies mothers make for their kids, no matter how old they get. :)

Today is my artist group morning, but the weather isn't cooperating. Snow is coming down like it's Christmas. Class ended early and outside looks like a postcard again... beautiful but not good for travel.

While I wait impatiently for this week to go by, I'll leave you with a picture of a painting I did of Nathan.  He claims he's not that heavy but he was back when I took the photo... now he's skinny.  ;)


  1. This is a beautiful portrait of Nathan. How exciting seeing your son once again! Enjoy every second with him, Bonnie!! Home made bread sounds yummy!!!

  2. Who cares, skinny or heavy? He's gorgeous! Enjoy your time with your son, Bonnie. I know I treasure every second with my kids and grandkids so I know you do too.

  3. ooh I can just smell the homemade bread! And the cookies with a cup of hot choccy while the snow comes down. Wishing you two a wonderful visit.

  4. What a nice portrait of your son!
    Enjoy your time with him. He's luck to have such a wonderful loving mom!