February 25, 2012

Another juried competition.

I miss having my little pansy paintings to use for a blog post.  I paint so slow...sigh.  Now I'm working on the BIG one, teaching and occasionally working on the black-eyed Susans.  I'm enjoying the process but I want something new to post here.  Hmmm......

I KNOW!!! Yesterday I delivered two paintings to the Lake Country Art Gallery.  They will be juried and hopefully at least one will be accepted for the up-coming show.  Below are photos of the two entries.

"Evening Rendezvous"

"Only Joy"

Hoping your life is full of Joy.


  1. Oh Bonnie, Good luck ...I love them both! "Only Joy" is so beautiful and love the dark background on it!

  2. Oh goody! Hey, I did submit some stuff after all; your last comment on my blog (when you were just about to go drop these ones off) inspired me to. So thanks! :) Might see you there?

  3. Good luck, Bonnie! And? If it is any consolation, I also paint slow.