May 27, 2011

You're invited to a Garden Party

I have two shows coming up in a week;  the first, on a weekend is outside, and the other a two week one at a winery. I didn't realize I had so many, not quite finished pieces of art.  Some haven't had the wire attached to the backs, some need varnished and a lot are missing the labels for the backs.  I'm soooo glad I decided to start preparing a week in advance.   I will be ready on time...  I will be ready on time..  I will be ready on time.

My VIP mention today is Carol Blackburn from Maine in the US.  Carol's water colours always bring a smile to my day.  They are fresh and cheery.  Go look.


  1. Hello Bonnie, many thanks for the shout out today. I appreciate it so much. Glad you like my watercolors............:)
    I only paint what makes me smile and hope it makes others smile, too.

  2. P.S. Congratulations on the Garden Party. It sounds awesome.

  3. Bonnie don't forget to breathe :) You can do this!

  4. You'll get it done, Bonnie! I have faith in you! Good luck with the shows!