May 17, 2011

Time to choose something new.... :)

Goals are important to me.  I accomplish a lot more when I have them.  With my painting it's especially important since it's a challenge with back problems.  The desire is there but sadly the flesh is weak.  Determination to meet set goals is one of the biggest factors contributing to the fact that I do accomplish something.  Besides completing a pansy each month, I'm committed to adding a minimum of four finished panels to my large painting each month before starting any new pieces.  Oh, how I itch to start something new.

Even though it's been a hectic month, I've fulfilled this months must-do's.  Now to choose the next subject... :D.
This is a picture of the last two panels I painted for the 6'x4' piece I'm working on.  Where did that large leaf come from?  There's no sign of the rest of the plant in the reference photo.  Guess I'm not finished after all... taking photos always make me more work.... ;)

My VIP mention for this post is an artist from Whales whose work I'm positive you will enjoy.  Besides creating wonderful art he tells great stories that always inspire me.  Thanks Ralph


  1. J'espère que votre dos va mieux et vous avez raison Ralph est un artiste talentueux avec de grandes valeurs...
    Gros bisous à vous et prenez soin de vous...

  2. And thank you so much Bonnie for this beautiful post and such a humbling tribute.

  3. You are a marvel, Bonnie! Mid-month and you are already through your goals! And to work with back pain? Ouch! So glad you keep on keepin' on, though!

  4. Great painting and wonderful post, Bonnie!! It's not easy working with a bad back...Take care!

  5. Bonnie I thought the wooden post was a photo at first! The completed piece is sure to be stunning.

    I commiserate with you re your back... with me it's my neck... makes it hard to keep going sometimes. Kudos to you for tackling such a large painting.