May 14, 2011

Pansy #7 is finished.

I love it when I complete a painting.  It means I have another piece for sale,  AND I have something new to post to my blog,,, that's the most exciting.

Today I get to post #7 in my Flower Box Series.  As you can see, it's of  a very pretty white pansy.  

6"x6" oil on 1.5" gallery wrapped canvas 
$100.00 with painted sides (no frame required)
Free shipping in Canada and US

I've been reading about how it's important to have our blog/name mentioned as often as possible on the web so the search engines can find us.  On my blog I have a gadget that lists all the wonderful people who comment on my posts.  I also have several other gadgets that show the artists I follow and those who follow me.  I hope all this helps get their name out there into cyber space.  Now, I'm going to add to that by mentioning one of my followers blogs at the end of each of my blog posts and posting their link.  

So with that in mind, here is my first VIP mention:

This person has an excellent blog where she discusses Art History. Her painting challenges add a fun touch as well.  A great blog to visit:   Tapestry of Art Through Time


  1. Absolutely love this pansy. The feathering on the petals is just gorgeous, so soft and subtle. I am sure it will sell super fast.

  2. What a beautiful painting. As I looked at it I was thinking of the post from Celeste I think this painting and her little tip would work so well together. I have told you before how I love pansies.

  3. Bonnie, this is a gorgeous pansy! I love the white pansy; so delicate and so beautiful! Thank you for the mention on the art history blog. I've had some wonderful comments and submissions. I'd so love to see more. But it helps me so it does its job.

  4. This painting is beautiful. You just keep getting better and better!