September 22, 2010

Originals are back in style.

I manage a store that sells prints of fine art and digital giclee's. They both sell well and the business supports the owner and the staff.  I've noticed a change lately though.  More people are looking for originals, especially oil paintings.  I do my best to promote the reproductions in the store but I'm pleased to hear that originals are back in style.

My art career is experiencing the same change.  Suddenly I'm receiving more invitations to exhibit my work in prestigious venues and my art is starting to sell regularly instead of the couple spurts a year like in the recent past.  

My reasoning for this might be off the wall, but I think it's because of the massive amount of reproductions on the market.  Suddenly, having an original is special again and something that gives one pride of ownership.  What ever the reason is, I'm glad. 

The painting that I never quite finished for Art Walk, is on my wall.  I won't say it's done because I know myself well enough to admit I'll probably tweak it until it moves to a new home.   Hmmm I already see I need to darken a shadow... 


  1. Sold or not, Bonnie, it's beautiful. This would probably be one of mine I'd dread giving up.

  2. that is good news! i love them both. i also think that original art stands out because it can be so vibrant and alive.

  3. Great painting! Also great to hear that maybe things are picking with the economy.

  4. Love your subject choice. Hope the trend with originals continues.

  5. You know what they say: "A painting is never finished; it simply stops in interesting places."

    I think you might have something there with the reasons for more original art. I also wonder if it might have something to do with all this digital stuff? With digital picture frames, we can all have hundreds of "old masters" in our house if we want- but originals are one-of-a-kind. Good food for thought there!

  6. A original and beautiful work is the desire of everyone. I hope yours awesome paintings feel free in the market.