September 19, 2010

It's that time again.

The ends of the tree branches are turning yellow and there are one or two transplanted maples in our park that have turned deep red.  It's that time again; the time to take off the sandals and put on some socks. 

I used to hate to see the end of summer but realized my attitude was ruining a good thing. Now I see the coloured leaves and ripe apples still on the branches, and see the beauty of this wonderful season we call autumn.  The cool air makes a walk in the woods a pleasure.  No bugs, no heat (which is a good thing, I remind myself), just quiet reflection. I say quiet because the tourists are gone and our walking trails are now  only occupied by the occasional local accompanied by their choice of companion - a best friend, either canine or human.  

I think about the people who have no home to live in and what it must be like to look ahead to the approaching cold weather.  Sigh....   I guess I'll have to work on my attitude some more.  I still prefer summer. :)


  1. Autumn also means spring is anytime soon around the corner next.. the shedding of the old and the beginning of the new..yes, I am grateful that I have a blanket to cover myself from the cold.

  2. I also love the summer but now that I am running again the chill in the air is a help and as you say the beauty of the colour is inspiring. It seems you are walking and enjoying it all and that is good. Wish i was walking with you and sharing your thoughts.