September 27, 2010

It's after midnight.  It's rare to find me up this time of night.  I've been putting up with a case of vertigo for a month now and finally decided to follow the directions to cure it which include staying upright for one to three nights after doing the ear turning procedure.  Since I'm not one to fall to sleep in a recliner this is going to prove difficult I think.  

I've had the time to visit some blogs and I varnished a large picture that I recently got back from a private show.  I played some computer games and read some lesson notes.....  I'm beginning to think maybe I should stay up later every night.  Unfortunately I'm usually too bushed to do anything worthwhile.  Not that reading (my usual evening pastime) isn't worthwhile, it just doesn't shorten my to do list which always seems to be too long.

I decided to include a picture of my booth a the Art Walk show I was in recently.  Myra had asked me to take some pictures of the event but most of them didn't turn out.  Take note of the awesome high director style chair my sweet husband bought me for the show.  With it I could sit and visit with folks without looking up and then having a wave of vertigo send me for a loop.  It's a great chair.
The first painting I sold is the one I hid down beside my chair because I didn't really like it.  Go figure?!
We were allowed ten paintings in the show.


  1. it's a very nice photo! it was the next best thing to me being there! hope you feel better soon!

  2. How thoughtful of him to get you a special chair. Congratulations on your sale, too. Sorry to hear you are having vertigo. I've lived with true vertigo all my life and have learned to embrace it. It's not something I can take medication for or something that ever goes away. I hold on to handrails or my hubby's arm alot. Look down at where I'm going to step next, don't ride bicycles or look up at tall buildings or clouds much, don't turn to quickly or step on dark shadows or grates in the sidewalk. See, it's all doable. Don't fall over too much and it can be good for a laugh once in a while except if you fall getting out of the shower. Ouch! Wishing you a speedy recovery.