June 29, 2011

Win one of my paintings.

I had a wonderful week of camping.  Unfortunately, my camera's battery died after three pictures and I didn't get around to painting anything.  It was a great time of canoeing, swimming and relaxing.  I read several romantic suspense novels and ate way too much.  

Just before I left to go camping, I delivered a painting to "House of Rose Winery" for their charity auction.  The silent auction will last all summer and the proceeds go to our local Woman's shelter.  If you get the chance, drive out to the vineyard and taste some wine, have a picnic on site and bid on some of the wonderful local art. 

"Deep In the Forest"
11"x14" Oil on stretched canvas
Win this painting by bidding on it at the House of Rose Winery, Kelowna BC

My VIP mention for this post is Trudy Gomez.  She has the most wonderful paintings made with acrylic washes.  I love all her vibrant paintings.  


  1. Bonnie how nice of you to join my blog and I'm just enjoying looking at yours... thank you BJ

  2. the problem with camera has nothing to do with your creativity. this is obvious from the beautiful patch of landscape which you painted. the diagonal composition with color and the pathway is beautifully done.


  3. What a gorgeous piece! This is truly beautiful, Bonnie! I love those deep greens, the dark forest...I can almost smell the loaminess!

  4. Bonnie..this painting is truly beautiful. I love the greens (I always have problems mixing that "perfect" forest green. You did it perfectly.!

  5. I love this painting. It's darkand mysterious. A very elegant and expressive artwork.

  6. Thanks for the kind comments! You are such wonderful encouragers.