June 6, 2011

This show runs for two weeks.

Hi everyone.  The show on the weekend turned out great except for me falling off my tall director's chair and hitting my head on the metal fence post.  Good thing I have a hard head.  I'll show some pictures of the event soon but  today I want to announce my show that starts today.  It runs for two weeks and it's a chance to taste some great wine as well as see some neat art. The top painting on the poster is mine.  

My VIP mention today is someone I've mentioned many times.  She has one of the most interesting blogs on the net.  May I introduce......  MYRA ANDERSON


  1. I knew I'd seen that painting before and it is just as lovely seeing it again. Much success with this show, Bonnie. And do think about getting your head x-rayed or something. That sounds painful and head injuries can be dangers!

  2. Bonnie, it appears your hard work and many kindnesses are coming home to you. Wishing you much success in your shows. Hope your tail bone has healed from the fall :)