April 13, 2011

Can you attend the party?

That's right, I've heard there's going to be a party for JanettMarie.  She has been working hard to create 100 apple paintings and she is almost done.  After an accomplishment of this magnitude I think it only right to throw a party.... a virtual party that is. 

Here's how we are going to do it:  When JanettMarie finishes her 100 paintings we will all celebrate by posting a congratulations message to her, with a link to her blog, on our own blogs.  Along with the message we will also post a photo or painting of what we would have taken to the potluck if we could have attended in person.  I'm leaning toward cheesecake.  

It's a great reason to celebrate and help promote a fellow blogger.  

ps. don't forget to leave her a comment to let her know, so she/we can go to your blog and see what you brought to the (virtual) party.
One of my older paintings, just to remind everyone it's spring.


  1. Gorgeous tulips, Bonnie! And what a fabulous friend you are!

  2. Great light shining through the petals! The dark background really makes them pop.

    I like your party idea!

  3. Your picture reminds me of a sign on a flower shop in our area I heard about: "Spring is here, and we're so excited we wet our plants!"