April 10, 2011

April's Pansy Painting

Pansy #6 in my Flower Box Series
6"x6"x1.5" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

I'm not sure if this one is finished.  It will have to sit where I can look at it for a few days so I can decide if it needs more work.  The photo isn't too good.

I finished another 12" panel for my big painting and splurged on a 2'x3' wrapped canvas.  I gave it a base coat of pale yellow and have it sitting in the living room across from my recliner so I can visualize how I want to paint it.  I love a fresh new canvas and all the possibilities it offers.  It's great being an artist.


  1. Love these dancing pansies; they look so cheerful!

  2. Your pansies are just blooming onto the canvas, Bonnie. So lovely! Hope your weather is lovely. Do you get out to plein air paint at all? I have the easel and all but have never ventured out. Maybe this is the year.

  3. I would leave this just as it is it says all it needs to say and more it is beautiful.

  4. Its just perfect. I have exactly the same blooms as these flowering in a pot at my front door and I just love them . You have captured them so well.