April 26, 2011

Are you ready to party!

I was away from the computer for a few days and almost missed it.  Janettmarie posted apple #99 yesterday.  The party will begin as soon as she posts #100.  All you have to do to attend is 
1. post a photo of what you would take to the party if it was in real time instead of virtual.  
2. include a link to JanettMarie's site
3.  post a comment on her site to let her know you are attending the party.

I have to finish my cake so I'll leave you now.  Hope to see you at the party.

I have the coffee ready to go with the cake I plan to take. :)


  1. Lovely one, Bonnie, with wonderful reflections. Is that coffee cake you are making? I like lots of cinnamon on mine.

  2. J'aime particulièrement les reflets de votre tasse dans la cafetière... beau travail.

  3. What a lovely piece and what a fun time you will have!

  4. Lovely piece you are carrying and it seems so much with this party!