January 28, 2011

The paint's thin.

8"x8"x1.5" original oil on gallery wrapped canvas
$125.00 plus shipping
Available at Lake Country Art Gallery

I painted yesterday's post and this one, alternately, at the same time.  I'm not sure why I used a different technique on them except that the flowers seemed to call for it.  I like the results but they don't really go together as a set, as much as I hoped when I started.  

Hope you have a great day.


  1. Hi Heather,
    your paintings are gorgeous. I particularly love the daisy. It is just sunshine on a canvas just what we need at this time of year. Like you I am so looking forward to spring. the snowdrops are peeking up here (sunny Ireland !!!) even though it has been so cold and miserable. a little bunch of hope!

  2. Tout en finesse et délicatesse...

  3. It is very beautiful, Bonnie. I love white flowers.

  4. another beauty! the petals look transparent and delicate! beautiful!

  5. I have to agree with the art of the dance is like chocolate. My thoughts exactly. Lovely!

  6. Thanks everyone. You really encourage me and keep me going with my art. I treasure you're friendship.

  7. Thick, thin, just keep painting. That is what we're all about. : )