January 24, 2011

Monday's are great.

It's Monday.  This is the day I focus on me.  Doesn't that sound selfish?  I consider it decadent. I usually have a leisurely bubble bath, do my nails and deep condition my hair.  I'll spend some time painting something that's in the easy fun stage and this afternoon I'll lean back in my recliner and watch a painting workshop from Artists network TV.  On and off all day I'll be reading artist blogs and admiring the wonderful work of my fellow bloggers. I live the good life.

I haven't finished anything in the last few days so I'll give you a peek at the stuff on the drying table. I have three that are in the final stages so they will be posted soon.  Enjoy your Monday, it's a good day


  1. Enjoy your "me" time, Bonnie. Your drying table looks like a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers...........:)

  2. Those are looking gorgeous, Bonnie! I hope your me time was awesome time. It sounds wonderful!!