January 6, 2011

I'm enjoying my water soluble oil paints.

The water soluble oils are working out well.  The worst of the smell comes when I open my wet pallet each morning, but I solved any problem that might have caused by pointing the humidifier (portable one on my counter) so it blows over the pallet and away from me.  I further compensated for the odor by storing the wet paintings in the guest bathroom on a little table over the furnace air vent.  I also ensure that I throw out any paper towels I use while painting each day instead of throwing them in the garbage can under my table, like I used to do.  Now I notice very little smell.     P.S.  I use walnut oil to make fat washes.

I'm really enjoying painting with these paints.  They're soft and smooth but thick enough that they leave a nice texture on the painting.  I really like the cleanup time.  It's so quick.  I have a bar of pure soap beside my sink and within a couple rinses they're clean. 

As far as taking so long to dry, that hasn't been a problem.  I'm enjoying having several paintings on the go and several choices as to what I should paint when I start.  I can paint something detailed or continue with some underpainting.    

Life is good...  Happy painting everyone.

Two of the unfinished paintings in the drying room.  
Both 8"x8"x1.5", oil on gallery wrapped canvas.


  1. You did a beautiful job on these two flowers Bonnie!

  2. Always makes me happy to hear that life is good, Bonnie! Love these two beauties too. I am thinking on taking an oil painting class...Your pieces make me want to do it so I can be half as good as you are!

  3. The smell of oil paints make me only use them in the summer when I can open a window. In the winter I prefer drawing.
    You have solved the problem well. Your paintings are lovely.

  4. Hi Bonnie, What brand of water soluble oils are you using? I have been using Holbein, just love them. I also use Gamblin Gamsol (mineral spirits) with them..These paints are easy to use with painting plein air. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hello Bonie !
    It is really nice to meet you . I like your positise energy and talent .
    by the way , this work is very good .
    thank you for have droped by !
    have a lovely weekend .

  6. it's good to know that you are enjoying those paints! i love the textures you are achieving on these flowers! beautiful! how are the online classes coming along?

  7. You are doing a great job on these Bonnie.
    I have done a little with water soluble oils and have been contemplating getting back into it again after reading a recent article on using them. You have inspired me to do so.
    God bless,

  8. These are looking good Bonnie! I've never had a problem with turps so haven't ventured into water soluble oils - you make them sound quite inviting!

  9. I love the water soluble oil paints. No smell. Soap and water clean up. I wish someone would make a water soluble oil paint into color pencil form that could be sharpened. Without the wax. Like a real paint. I would love to draw paint.