November 5, 2010

No painting to show you. :(

I wish I was like many of my blogging buddies who paint every day.  I love the idea, but then a day like today comes along and I realize it's been five days since I painted.  Where did the time go? Another thing that didn't happen was a blog post.  I've  read posts by others and commented on a few but alas I procrastinate...  

Well enough of that!  Today I will paint so that I have something worthwhile to  blog.  I know I have lots of loyal followers out there and I apologize for being slack.  So one more coffee while I read what Myra, Sherry, Carol, AMO, Ralph and.... have been up to... :]  and THEN to the easel.

Happy painting.


  1. Don't fret, Bonnie......I've been doing the same thing. I had 4 days off work and totally planned to paint, paint, paint, and do you know what I did...........clean, clean, clean; go shopping; go to lunch; sit and watch TV, blog a bit and sleep alot. Sometimes we just need that change I suppose.
    I am going back to work tonight for three nights and then hopefully, next week I'll be back to painting and blogging too. Enjoy your weekend, my friend. :)

  2. if you can't paint - give us a sketch, or a doodle, or a straight line - anything you do would be great! c'mon - do it! ------- (you know I kid - but I'm serious!)

  3. I just picked up painting last year. After 62 years and retirement I guess I have sometime.

  4. I only paint on Sunday's. The rest of the week I do crafts to sell. Sunday is a good day! Since I look forward to it all week I get alot done.